10 biakov tips that will help you to discover your potential and change life for the better

10 biakov tips that will help you to discover your potential and change life for the better
10 biakov tips that will help you to discover your potential and change life for the better

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    Habits that will benefit your body and mind and help you become more confident and happier.

    We love technology, but little attention to her body and mind. Maybe that’s why we feel unhappy and trying to forget, looking at the screen of an expensive smartphone.

    But inside we already have everything to be happy and healthy, enjoy every day and feel great. Disclosure of this internal capacity and the annual conference of biohacking in Pasadena, California.

    What is biohacking

    Biohacking is the ability to pump the body and mind to achieve goals, finding peace, happiness and satisfaction.

    This can be achieved in different ways: through breathing techniques and meditation, exercises and special postures, laughter and the right attitude. Therefore, at the conference of bohaterow collected a variety of specialists: nutritionists, kinezioterapevt and coaches, neuroscientists, psychotherapists, journalists, entrepreneurs and business coaches.

    The main direction that supported and fostered by all biohacker is achieving awareness.

    This state of clarity, presence in the moment, creativity and happiness in which people can make the best of what he’s capable of.

    You, like any human being, is the measure of consciousness that is deeper than thought. This is the essence of who you are. We can call it presence, awareness, unconditioned awareness.

    Eckhart Tolle , writer and spiritual speaker, author of the book “Power of now”.

    To take care of their needs, and fear of external threats is quite natural, but our consciousness gets used to this and sees threats constantly, even if no real danger. Moreover, memories of past failures , too, are perceived as threats, and stress at the same time we experience the real.

    Immersed in thoughts about the past or future is not the most productive state, because you can not really focus on what is happening now. But you can change it: to dispel the fog of unnecessary thoughts and to constantly be in the present moment.


    Mindfulness can come in different ways, and biohacker tell you how to do it. Here is a good way to increase your awareness and adjust your body and mind in the desired fashion.

    10 biakov for awareness, strength and happiness

    1. Respiratory equipment “ice man”

    Special guest of the conference WIM Hof (Wim Hof) is a unique person, well able to endure extremely low temperatures. He set the 21st record in the Guinness Book of records, nearly two hours spent in an ice bath, in shorts climbed mount Everest to a height of 6.7 km and finished the marathon when the air temperature is -20 °C. meditations Hof learned to control immunity, to consciously increase the level of cortisol and to reduce the concentration of cytokines (a marker for inflammation) in the blood.

    Breathing exercises WIM Hof allow to:

    • affectVoluntary activation of the sympathetic nervous system and attenuation of the innate immune response in humans the immune system;
    • to strengthen blood circulation and improve muscle endurance, speed up recovery;
    • increase concentration and awareness.


    For a start, take a few deep breaths. The air should fill the belly, to linger there for a few moments, and then completely out. While exhaling, push the air from his lungs that there was nothing left.

    Step 1: 30 power breaths

    Strongly breathe in through the mouth to the lungs are entirely filled, and the abdomen swelled, then exhale briefly and powerfully through the mouth as if you are inflating a balloon. Perform 30 breaths.

    At run time you may feel dizzy or tingling in the body. If there is pain or nausea, stop practice.

    Step 2: inhale and delay

    After the 30th exhalation hold your breath as long as I can. At the conference, Hof asked the audience to hold their breath for one minute. With it almost all: from the previous exercise delay on the exhale (no air in lungs) is easy.

    When you can no longer hold your breath, proceed to the next step.

    Step 3: deep breath and delay

    Simply inhale as deeply as you can and hold your breath for 15 seconds.

    All three steps is one round. Every time you complete four rounds of breathing practices.

    It starts to work immediately, and you can easily check this. Before you start, do as many pushups as you can, and then repeat after four rounds of practice, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    Try it: sensations are just incredible!

    2. Therapy cold

    Here are some examples of beneficial effects of low temperatures.

    • Increased immunity. It’s all familiar hardening of the body, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by Uric acid and glutathione levels during short-term whole body cold exposure science.
    • The release of adiponectin a hormone that accelerates fat loss and muscle recovery.
    • Increase life of the cells.

    There are several ways to gradually accustom themselves to the cold. If you have heart problems, speak to your doctor first.

    Method 1: cold shower

    You will be scared to get under the cold water, because you know there will be very cold. That’s okay, just overcome fear. Think of cold as his power.

    Method 2: ice bath

    Buy two bags of ice, pour it in the tub and fill it with cold water. Wait a few minutes and then immerse in water. If you are scared, try to dip only the face — it’s much easier psychologically, but not less effective.

    Method 3: go to the frost

    Dress up easily and go out in the cold. Don’t start with a long stay in the cold, to accustom the body gradually.

    3. Meditation

    Meditation is perhaps the main tool for the attainment of mindfulness and concentration on the present moment. Meditation helps:

    • to relieve stress and anxiety;
    • to improve concentration and memory;
    • strengthen positive emotions;
    • to cope with depression and anxiety.

    Try meditation, which was conducted at the conference of bohaterow Emily Fletcher (Emily Fletcher), the Creator of the ZivaMeditation.

    Part 1: breathing

    Find a quiet place where no one will disturb us, sit in a comfortable position (not necessarily on the floor). If time is limited, set a timer for 5-7 minutes. Close your eyes and relax.

    1. The thumb of the right hand close the right nostril.
    2. Exhale through the left nostril, then inhale through it.
    3. Remove your finger from the right nostril and the ring finger close the left nostril. Exhale through the right nostril, then inhale through it.
    4. Continue to inhale through one nostril and exhale through the other.
    5. At the top of each breath, before you will exhale, momentarily hold your breath. Do the same on the exhale.
    6. On the inhale imagine energy flowing through the body, up the spine, from its base to the head. On the exhale, send this energy to the center of the forehead.
    7. After finishing put your hands on your knees and proceed to the second part.

    Part 2: the five senses

    1. Pay attention to the most noticeable sound near you: the loud TV of the neighbours, music from the street, the noise of the air conditioner. Concentrate on it for a few breaths. Then pay attention to the quietest sound, for example on your breathing again, follow the sound for a while.
    2. Pay attention to what you see with your eyes closed. Maybe in front of them fly or flies you see the light that passes through the eyelids.
    3. Note the most noticeable tactile sensation: pain, pressure, tickling in the throat or something. Then mark the weakest tactile feeling: for example, as air passes through your nostrils or hair touches the neck.
    4. Feel the taste even if you eat very long time. Maybe you will feel the taste of toothpaste or coffee, dry mouth. Then try to find a weak taste. If you don’t feel anything, that’s okay, just watch it.
    5. Concentrate on the smell. First, make the most noticeable smell, and then — with a minor.
    6. Try to feel all together. So spend some time.

    Part 3: “om”

    Repeat in my head the word “om” for three minutes. Just let it sound in your head. Do not try to stop thoughts, just repeat the word.

    Slowly exit the meditation, spend a few seconds in the mind, but not opening his eyes. Then take a deep breath and slowly open your eyes.

    4. Internal oscillator: techniques from a master of productivity

    Coach Brandon B. (Brendon Burchard) believes that all the qualities needed for productivity, is already within you and you can experience them at any time. Just imagine that you are a plant, which releases energy, concentration, courage and clarity.

    You can check it out right now. Write on a piece of paper two rows of numbers from 1 to 10 and circle the ones that reflect your levels of energy and concentration.

    Now consciously increase your energy level by three points. If you were on six, now draw a circle around the top corner. Do the same with the scale of concentration. Then you’ll feel more energetic and attentive.

    According to this principle work all the amulets and talismans. The fact that you know their mechanism of action, does not diminish the effect.

    5. Posture power

    Our health and emotional state directly depends on the posture. Body language expresses emotions, but also can cause them. That is why the posture of strength and confidence increasePower posing: brief nonverbal displays affect neuroendocrine levels and risk tolerance levels of testosterone and reduces levels of cortisol — a stress hormone. As a result, you feel more confident and less worried.

    At the conference of bohaterow Max Gozler (Max Gotzler) showed a video in which just rolls over testosterone levels. Watch and follow Rugby players.

    If you don’t want to teach this amazing ritual dance (or you are not able to execute it), try the poses depicted in the top row of pictures.

    Top row: pose of confidence and strength; bottom row: pose of weakness / betterhumans.coach.me

    Hold any position in the top line for two minutes, and you will feel a confidence booster, mood and energy.

    6. Laughter

    Laughter is a wonderful ability that:

    • lowers stress hormones;
    • improves immunity;
    • creates a feeling of happiness.

    Think of something that scares you and frustrates. Maybe it’s a deadline at work or a significant event in the future. Now pretend you are showing on situation or someone with your finger, and start to laugh out loud.

    Even if the laughter is not real, it still works. Your physical condition will change emotions.

    Laugh at what scares or upsets you, and you will see how the stress disappears.

    7. Daily tips

    Often we want to be kinder, eat better, be more deliberate, but forget about it the next day. Several speakers at the conference shared a simple and efficient way to not forget your aspirations and promises — set daily reminders on your phone.

    Here are three good options.

    1. Put a reminder of the three words that best describe the ideal personality type. For example, “calm, confidence, happiness, or power, wisdom, kindness”.
    2. Use reminders on your phone to spend more time in the present moment. Leave me a message: “Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and remember that you need to be in the present moment.”
    3. Put a reminder “What did I learn today?”. As you know that in the evening you will be asked this question, during the day the brain will look for new things to get the answer.

    8. Abstinence from alcohol

    Everyone knows that alcohol is a toxin and toxins are bad for our body. In his speech at the conference, journalist James Swanwick (Swanwick James) told me how to quit drinking for 30 days.

    1. Reconsider your thoughts. Abstinence from alcohol is not a sacrifice but a gift to your body. Remind yourself of this often (place a reminder).
    2. Say to yourself “Today I drink only water and juice” and not “Today I don’t drink alcohol”.
    3. Promise yourself to have fun more than anyone in any party.
    4. Order water with ice and slice of lime.
    5. Plan something for the early morning so that you do not want to stay at the party late.
    6. Use this opportunity to take care of friends and learn more about them.
    7. Never apologize for not drinking, but don’t judge drinkers.
    8. Find a friend who agrees not to drink with you.

    9. Reading books

    Investor and business consultant tai Lopez (Tai Lopez) believes that reading is a real superpower. While reading you load into your brain knowledge and thoughts of the most intelligent and successful people in history. The book is filled with years of the experience of others, Packed into a hundred pages. When you read, ideas are embedded in your picture of the world and complement it.

    You become wiser with each read the book.

    Start relationships with a new book today. If you have no time, do it 10 minutes before sleeping.

    10. Thanks

    Habit to feel gratitude will help you:

    • to concentrate on the positive experience;
    • changing thoughts about my life in General;
    • to maintain cordial relations with those who you do care;
    • feel more satisfied and happy.

    Here are two simple exercises that you can perform every day.

    1. Close your eyes and think grateful. Focus on gratitude, breathe deeply and keep these thoughts. Feel the gratitude overwhelms you.
    2. Divide this feeling with others. Email or call the person you are for something grateful, and tell him about it.

    Kindness, which you release into the world, will come back to you.

    Changes 21 days

    Select one or more biakov:

    • respiratory practice of the WIM Hof;
    • therapy cold;
    • meditation;
    • internal oscillator;
    • posture strength;
    • laughter;
    • daily reminder;
    • abstinence from alcohol;
    • reading books;
    • thanks.

    Start with one of bichaka and do it for 21 days and then when it becomes a habit, add another one or several. If you do not know where to start, choose gratitude.

    Try, biobake and share your impressions in the comments.


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