Best 10 inch Android Tablet PC Reviews [Part 1]

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    Android 2.1 Tablet PC X220 flytouch2 with GPS and Webcam

    a. Android 2.1 Tablet PC X220 flytouch2 with GPS and Webcam

    1-Product description
    The new great e pad 2.1 touch screen tablet PC is there convenient for usage and many essential features which make the product more latest with the personal computing trends that are there to make the product more aggressive among the companies. These computers are most prominent and there for many purpose to people who are using it for various project that need the most dynamic technologies for system equity and perception.  These computational devices are there with the 256 MB random access memory.  The processor for the capacity up to 1GHZ and there are two 2 USB port to connect the system. The device comes with the 1.3 mega pixel camera for most reliable results.

    2- Product Details

    The android system are there with the software stack consist with the Java application based on the objected oriented language to make the product more reliable and consistent among the products. There are written manager to make the open core. There are libraries written in most conventional form to guide the consumer about the product what essential features should be there in product. The android operating system comes with the capabilities to Linux kemel with the blend of Java.  The unveiling of these device are best been made by the hardware and software contribution.  They are android 2.1 operating system make more aggressive all the devices and consortium.

    3- Technical Details

    The android software development kit is there with the blend of comprehensive tools. These tools include the libraries for the handset emulator and other devices like the GPS for the navigation in different websites that are assorted for the purpose. camera is there for the  rear and face time communication for chatting and video capturing with multiple shots like the single shot, multiple shot and  panorama shot. System is enriched with the qualities of 2.1 android operating system to make the product more reliable and effective for web surfing.  The officially support like the integrated development environment to make the android tools more compatible for web surfing like searching websites of your aspirations.

    4- Pros

    These products are available at affordable prices for the consumers which are making to ease the consumers. The android 2.1 tablets are there to support the 32 GB and 2 Card slot to make the product more effective and reliable for connectivity. The USB ports are there for connectivity to internet. WI- FI is there to make the connectivity for the wireless base system. Lots of applications are available at market place to make the product worth mentioning. The main advantage of system for running on Linux base programming.

    5- Cons

    The plastic stickers and cases are not scratch resistant for most of the devices. There are the sluggish response for downloading the programs from the YouTube and other essential features and software. Keyboard are short which are difficult for the people who wants to type the keys more speedy and promptly.

    6- Conclusion

    The large screens of these systems are there to display the video quality more awesome and blasting performance.

    Android Tablet Hot Products:

    Products Price

    Android 2.1 Tablet PC X220 flytouch2 with GPS and Webcam


    from $199.95

    ViewSonic ViewPad 7 7-Inch Android 2.2 Tablets

    b. ViewSonic ViewPad 10-Inch Android 2.2 Tablets – Black (Wifi & Unlocked 3G)

    1. Product description

     Products are unique and distinctive when they have the essential features which make the product compatible for usage and consistency.

    The views sonic are the special kind of tablet that is used by the individual and business professional that use it for business consistency.

    The view sonic G tablets are there to make the product more consistent and reliable.

    These are the android base tablets which have the more portability and consistency to operate.

    These products are introduced in market after the end of 2010 and have gained popularity at that time.

    3.  Product Detail

    Products are amazingly available in less weight and there is ease in handling the product when you are travelling to your desired location.

    Their sleekness and thinness make them more charming and increase their sale level, which most of the manufacturers seek for its special features.

    Web browsing made by the view sonic is unbelievable and make the sale more enhancing than the ipad.

    Manufacturers impose restriction on the sale of the view sonic product in particular country or region.

     2. Technical details

    These products are available to make the plastic products that are normally less weight 1.55 lb.

    These devices are capacitive resolution screen which normally support the multi touch and other essential capabilities.

    The system has the flash for internal memory which normally stores the 16 GB data and there are chances for the expansion of memory up to 64 GB.

    These tablets have the extra function to support the USB ports; these are there for the connectivity of data and other useful devices.

    And other peripherals devices are also attached with this USB slots. Apart from the NVIDIA Tegra, core 2 Dual processes up to the 1 GHZ processor.

    These devices are originally manufactured with the 512 random access memories.

    These products having the full capacity for rear time facing and online chatting.

    4. Pros

    Power and speed; power and speed of these sonic devices is amazingly incredible you can use them with the android system. You can perform the task with twinkling of an eye.

    Multitasking; there is no usage of electricity like as desktop or laptop it work with small amount of energy, the source of provision or the batteries which are normally there to support the system for approximately for six hours.

    Multimedia performance; it can store a large amount of information like as movies, messaging, chat of different capacities.

    It can be used everywhere and you can take it to other destinations if, there is signal complications in current situation.

    5. Cons

    It is hardly available in market and if, they are available in particular market then the access to these products is impossible to achieve due to higher price.

    Elite class can afford this view sonic and middle standard people cannot afford this. System configuration usually not imply to this availability.


    Although, every product have some merits and demerits but we cannot reject the product due to its demerits.

    The pros have the great impact on current situation and environment which leads us to great progress in business and for the guidance of young generations.

    ViewSonic Tablet Hot Products:

    Products Price

    ViewSonic ViewPad 7 7-Inch Android 2.2 Tablet – Black (Wifi & Unlocked 3G)


    Fly touch 2 Android 2.1Tablet


    c. Fly touch 2 Android 2.1Tablet PC-MID-10.1″TFT- Infotmic iMAPx210-1GMHZ-256 DDR2-2G-

    1- Product Description

    Fly touch 2 available with the vivid, responsive and crisp 10 inch Touchscreen to provide you the image in outstanding and best quality. The system base is on android 2.1 operating system is more compatible and consistent to perform the function earlier and prompt. The sophisticated fly touch 2 is best for the pursuit like watching movies online, surfing on the internet, reading books can be easily performed by the device and finally the quality of image outshined with 10 inch screen display. The system is not equipped to perform the improved function for navigation in documents but also best viewing pleasure. The fly touch 2 is quality to handle whilst you are outstation. Best navigation is there for making the toggling in various applications and other compatibility mode.

    2- Product Details

    If you are looking for a high quality, best performance tablet computers then the fly touch 2 are best for your quest to have the tablet computer. Fly touch 2 comes with the android 2.1 operating system provide access to thousands of application and games can simply be download from the market simply by the making an introduction to the Google android and other application. You can use these devices for entertainment purpose like to surf the web, and other booking reading application. Even you can play your favorite games, code and decode you electronic mail and accordingly up to date work whilst you are working on the web. With this new favorite and dynamic computer you can access to various application and other application by clicking the internet and face book then chances should be build up.

    3- Technical Details

    The system has the compatibility to run the system on Li- ion battery which are there making the system more compatible for running on the internet. The power can access through the power device AC adapter which seek you the easy access for various applications. Audio and video constraints there with compatibility to MP3 and other AAC, EAAC are there to make compatible for system. Picture can be access by the JPG, GIF, and other products are there for making the system compatible for running on android base system.

    4- Pros

    Fly touch 2 is more responsive for 10 inch touch screen display to make the system compatible for easy access to various applications. WI-FI, for internet connectivity is to make the more and aggressive connectivity for various applications. GPS, for making the rotation through the general positioning system access various maps of your destination. In army and most of the organization there are for accessing the goals and destination. Android market there for downloading the various applications. Fly touch 2 more responsive and aggressive for supporting various languages like the English, German and other traditional languages.

    5- Cons

    System upgrading may cause unexpected results. Battery timing comparatively to other devices is less and has the fewer cells which other Polymer battery. Systems are less responsive to make easy access and proposition.

    6- Conclusion

    Fly touch 2 responsive for high quality and multi touch to make the product available for customers.

    Fly Touch Tablet Products:

    Products Price
    B004G6QSCS Fly touch 2 Android 2.1Tablet PC-MID-10.1″TFT- Infotmic iMAPx210-1GMHZ-256 DDR2-2G-
    from $205.99



    eLocity A7 Touchscreen 7-Inch Android 2.2 Tablet (Black)


    d. Android 2.2 Tablet PC-8” HD TFT Touch Panel-Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g Supported-512MB DDR2 & 4GB Storage-High-sensitivity G-sensor Embedded-USB Host & HDMI Output

    1- Product Description

    Big black and powerful android 2.2 table pc-8 the operating system in which it is running on the 2.2 operating system.

    These systems are making changes in android market and for launches new era in tablet industry with most responsive and aggressive compatibility. The products are there to make the black slab more attractive and other entertainment purpose.

    The system basically comes with the 2.2 OS with multi touch screen having the camera for video chatting and other pursuit.

    The operating system of these device with Google Inc has the most authentic and aggressive compatibility to make the system aggressive and compatible.

    2-Proudct Details

    The android 2.2 comes with the Froyo operating system having the capability to perform faster and improvement made in the form of just in time compilation to make the system working performance faster to complete programming.

    The system enriched with the Chrome V8 and JavaScript engine. The android WI-FI connectivity and one of the worth mentioning features to support the Flash base programming.

    The android has been there for number of development and modifications. The main motive is toy stem compatibility to fix the bugs or add new features with the applications.

    Basically, each feature has the unanimity and consistency in functioning. The versions names are normally alphabetically assemble to make system more dynamic.

    3- Technical Details

    The android comes with the touch film transistor touch panel with WI-FI 802.11 b/g for support 512 mega byte with double data rate. Storage capacity is 4GB, high sensitive and also the G- sensor embedded USB host and most of the high definition for multimedia interaction.

    Memory of system with 512 MB DDR 2, storage capacity for 4GB storage capacity and chance to store the data in various 8Gb, 16GB storing compatibility. System is more essential for the multimedia video format and other compatibilities.

    4- Pros

    The operating system is there with the android OS capable with Google and other application.

    The system has the big screen to provide more access to see the movies in legible way and more prominently.

    The biggest screen made it possibly to be there play the movies, watch your programming and when you are there to surf internet websites then chances of scrolling may be curtail.

    The devices come with the kickstand to make the system more compatible for saving money which consumer in purchasing the costly accessories for handling products.

    Price of these products is there for cheap price.


    The system speed is less when you are using the device on the web. It accesses the most of web site on base flash having heavy data make it less in speed.

    The main evident factor that most of the products are not available and they are limited as to model configuration.

    6- Conclusion

    These android devices are more compatible with Froyo operating system and have less cheap for customer.

    Android 2.2 Tablet Hot Products:


    eLocity A7 Touchscreen 7-Inch Android 2.2 Tablet (Black)



    e. ICAN! 10″ Tablet PC – Android OS 2.1

    1-Product Description

    To keep the cost in line many of the android companies are there to manufacture the best android tablets with more essential features like the resistive touch screen which make the system compatible to other changing requirements. Most of the expensive models are there not to equip with changing responsiveness of model. Ican comes there with capacitive touch screen and the amazing fact that the prices of tablets are amazingly low to maintain the work. This is boost to tablet industry to make it more responsive to develop new and innovative computer for persuasion of your best credentials. Idea behind keeping price

    2- Product Details

    The essential features of the ICAN! Facilitate you to surf the web with blasting speed, check you electronic mails, watch movies with the wide screen and also listen you favorite music. You can even glance to the photo download books which are there for multiple functions. The ICAN! Gives you a wide assortment of choice with built in USB port, micro SD slot Card to add your favorite stuff without using the third party support accessories or other download. If you want to make a video call then not confuse system has the built in camera to perform the function of video call. The ICAN! Has the unique Amazon standard identification number B0043D5BD6 and have unique item model number80001.

    3- Technical Details

    ICAN! Has the 1GHZ processor with 10 inch screen to provide the touch screen features with 1080P to make it more outstanding to provide the image. Operating system of device 2.1 is more effective under working of Google Company. Wi-FI is for internet connectivity, 16GBHD internal memory and also the webcam 1.3 for video chatting and other persuasion. Two USB ports, micro SD port capacity to 32GB, HDMI port, and Ethernet port. ICAN! Built in speakers, microphone, a port for head phone and DC power adapter are there to provide the charging capacity. ICAN! Has the capability to make it more aggressive for the Skype and other software like the Gmail and downloading various applications.

    4- Pros

    Surfing web, system has he compatibility to surf internet with blasting speed for searching your favorite web sites and other important information, processor with unique features make system more aggressive for internet surfing. You can eve check you electronic mail and can share mail with your friends and colleagues. Photo download books can easily be access with the help of this device. System has the two USB ports and SD slot card to make system more responsive for internet and other downloading various application. ICAN! Built in 1.MP camera is for making video calls with your friends and business professionals.

    5- Cons

    System has the less capability to support the battery as battery run for small period. WI-FI compatibility for sharing various information and access is limited to certain areas. Wireless internet connectivity is not operative under some geographical areas. Weighted, systems are weighted than the other tablet but are comparatively best than computers.

    6- Conclusion

    If you are intend to have device superb for speed and reliability then the device is best for you.

    ICAN Tablet Products:



    ICAN! 10″ Tablet PC – Android OS 2.1





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