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    Acne is a skin disease happens when you close the hair follicles in fats and dead skin cells, and the acne usually on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, and fortunately that effective treatments exist available, however the acne may remain stable, pimples are formed and stored, but slowly, and also when you start some pimples disappear, start again to appear, and acne is seen most prevalent in adolescents; the prevalence of 70-87% And, increasingly, may be younger people with acne also, it is worth mentioning acne may cause tension and pressure psychologically, emotionally, and permanent scarring to your skin; depending on the severity of the acne, so whenever The treatment was early, the less damage the psychological and physical development.

    Natural recipes and home remedies fast

    There are many recipes for natural treatment fast that can be prepared at home, these are most notably:

    Tea tree oil

    Tea tree oil is known for its natural anti-inflammatory, and 5% of tea tree oil is better and less harsh than 5% of a solution of peroxide benzoyl which is used against acne; the tea tree oil with the same women be quite effective in treatment, although tea tree oil can give him a little bit faster of a solution of peroxide benzoyl.

    • A few drops of tea tree oil.
    • 40-20 drop from the tree of the witch hazel.
    • A piece of cotton.

    Method of preparation and use:
    •Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with 20 to 40 drops of the tree of the witch hazel.
    • Put the mix on a piece of cotton and wipe the skin.
    • Repeat this process twice a day, and not to repeat them more; as it may dry the skin; which leads to increased acne.

    Green tea

    Green tea contains antimicrobial and antioxidants which in turn combat acne.

    • One cup of green tea.
    • Or one bag (field) of green tea.

    Method of preparation and use:
    • Use one cup cold green tea as a face.
    • Or use one bag (field) of green tea and place it on the affected area.


    Honey possesses properties and components of antibiotics that work to fight acne and its treatment.

    • Honey.
    • Oatmeal.

    The method of preparation and usage:

    there are two ways to use honey as a treatment for acne:
    • Put a teaspoon of honey to the affected area.
    • Honey-oatmeal mask by blending 1/2 cup of honey with one cup of ordinary oatmeal and leave it for 30 minutes.


    Mint Works on fat removal that closes the pores; any works to open the pores and clean it from blackheads or fat, thus helps to get rid of acne before it starts.

    • Tablespoons of chopped fresh mint.
    • A tablespoons of plain yogurt.
    • A tablespoons of oatmeal powder.

    Method of preparation and use:
    • Use a blender to grind the oatmeal and turn it into a powder.
    • Mix two tablespoons of chopped fresh mint with two tablespoons each of plain yoghurt and powdered oatmeal.
    • Leave the mixture on the face for 10 minutes, then wash the face with water.

    Flower access

    Used flower access to accelerate wound healing, prevent colds and flu and also contain anti-bacterial properties and anti-inflammatory, which in turn help in the fight against acne and its treatment.

    • A solution of flower access.
    • A piece of cloth.
    • A piece of cotton.

    Method of preparation and use:
    • Use soaked or lotion flower acai as a daily; where can dipping a cloth crop and the skin.
    • Use a few drops of a solution of flower of Acacia and put it on a piece of cotton and wipe the affected area.


    Contains aspirin to salicylic acid which in turn works effectively in treating acne; since aspirin works to dry up pimples and relieve the inflammation.

    • An aspirin.
    • Water.

    Method of preparation and use:
    • The formation of a paste than a puree aspirin with a little water and put it on the affected area.
    • Dissolve four grains of aspirin with two tablespoons of water and put the mixture on the affected area.


    Chamomile works to reduce and relieve the inflammation of acne.

    • Chamomile.
    • The money.
    • A piece of cotton.

    Method of preparation and use:
    • Mix the contents of the bag chamomile herb in the blender or with a coffee grinder with a sufficient amount of water to form a paste and put it on the affected area.
    • Or dipping two bags of herbal chamomile cup of boiling water and leave it for 15 minutes until it coagulates and cool down, then wash the face well and dip a cotton blend of chamomile and wipe the face.

    The causes of acne

    Acne occurs when you close the pores of the skin fat or dead skin or bacteria; as if all the space in the skin is the exit portal to the hair follicles, the follicles of hair and sebaceous glands; glands secrete the oily substance sebum, this sebum with the hair and then the skin; sebum say See and soften the skin, so acne can be formed due to a problem or problems occur during the process of oiling or development of these, and it is these problems:
    • The production of a lot of fat through the pores or the hair follicles.
    • Dead skin cells that accumulate in the pores.
    • The bacteria that accumulate in the pores.

    All of these problems contribute to the worsening problem of pimples; where to show the grain or pimples when bacteria grow in a closed path; where you can not fat force, and trapped within it.

    Types of acne:

    Determine the type of acne that is the key to successful treatment of; acne may be inflammatory or non-inflammatory, the types of acne as follows:
    • Blackheads.
    • Pimples or white heads.
    • Papules.
    • Grained or sores.
    • Nodules.
    • Cysts.

    Cases that require review doctor

    Among the most prominent cases that require direction or review a doctor:
    • When it makes your acne feel the lack of comfort and happiness.
    • When mixed acne behind scars.
    • When it causes acne by the appearance of dark spots.
    • When you have inflammatory acne which is caused by the appearance of papules under the skin; which requires a visit to the doctor to give you drugs and prescriptions necessary for the pathological condition and also to prevent the emergence of the condition permanent scarring.
    • Lack of response to acne treatments or natural home; so you should check with your doctor to start medical treatment.

    Prevention of acne

    There are many preventive measures that may prevent or reduce acne, including:
    • Avoid pressure or burden of acne to prevent scarring.
    • Develop daily skin care regime includes cleansing the skin with a soft cloth and warm soapy water commensurate with type of skin, and repeat this process at least twice a day.
    • The use of cosmetics, skin care and hair care free of oils.
    • Avoid peeling the skin disinfected.
    • Women should use cosmetics free of oils or that are not causing a blackhead, which is the first degree of acne.
    • Motion to cleanse the skin when sweating.
    • Put sunscreens, especially since some acne medications may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun.

    Bad habits and acne

    There are bad habits that make acne worse or increase of inflammation, including:
    • Your Mobile is covered with dirt: The skin produces fats and work; where each of the phone when you put the phone on the cheek when you do any call, so you must clean the phone before conducting the interview which followed; for it could you move that dirt again for the skin along with bacteria that might have grown, and also the pressure on the phone on the cheek or the skin may lead to acne through friction between the phone and the humans leading the charge policy, so it is advised to clean the phone according to the instructions that came from your phone manufacturer, as it is recommended to use headphones ear types instead of putting the phone on your skin while you talk.
    • Developed products for the hair near the hair line or forehead: in the case of the use of hair products Anti-or private-bit to straighten the hair and divide it, or in the case of the use of hair gel or moisturizing creams for the hair, it should be placed away from the forehead or the dividing line between hair and skin, otherwise it will spread acne in the area of the dividing line between hair and forehead.
    • Lack of patience and surrender easily: says dermatologist Joshua Stone specialized treatment acne hospital Sinai in New York, that (everyone wants clear skin instantly, but I don’t have a silver bullet for the treatment quickly; as the treatments and medications acne takes weeks to take effect), so if you don’t recipes treatment natural home of any effect of the treatment within 2-4 weeks, you should consult your doctor especially in the case of cysts or pills that get rid of scars.
    • Washing the face more than necessary: the world of Dermatology Whitney Bao those skin diseases developed in the hospital of Westchester in New York that: (from out of the belief that the dirt on the skin that cause acne), and adds either also (can washing heavily that being the skin of essential oils, leading the body to produce more oils are diverse and excessive, which in turn is caused by the appearance of more acne), therefore; also twice a day is all you need.
    • Make mistakes when face wash: when washing the face do not use a dirty rag or wet; because bacteria breed easily, so you must use a new cloth each time, and also use of the material peeled skin heavily is not good. even if I use a scrub of sugar or sand or sponge custom development or what is called Lev or even brush Electric which in turn lead to wrinkled and expression lines in the skin, all of the foregoing leads to inflammation and irritation of the skin.
    • Use creams treatment pills skin density: the stone that the (more frequent use of creams and pills is the network is not good, in fact some of the ingredients found in them can cause irritation, so in fact you may need less than you think, all you have to do is put the amount of Love Little Pea of cream on the fingertip and placing it on the skin).
    • Tampering or playing with acne: many believe that the burden of acne or white heads creates them, in fact that leads to deeper into the skin; either: (try to get rid of white heads instead of remove the blockage, you pay it down; which leads to the effect of scarring), so you should put a little treatment on the grain and white; making them smaller and less inflammation and irritation.
    • Eat a lot of sweets and starches: not scientifically proven that food may cause acne; but foods especially the processed ones, such as: white bread, white pasta, potato chips, cakes, this may be all unrelated to acne, says Bao: (is there a negative side of the and sugary foods), has been linked by some studies between dairy products and acne, but this is uncertain.


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