Add to follow all YouTube channels in one page on Google Chrome

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    متابعة القنوات جميعاً قد يكون أمراً مرهقاً.

    The user may follow more than one channel on YouTube, and despite the fact that the site home page displays the user the latest cross sections in most of these channels, but the follow-up of all might be tired.

    Can be used to add “YouTube Video Deck” which is available on the Google Chrome browser and that you view the channels shared by the user in a similar way to add “tweets you have.”

    After you download the add-on, we open a new tab to note the presence of Oikontha, we press them, and then choose from the new window “Login” and we logged calculates YouTube, then show us options at the top of the page, such as “add subscription” and in which a user selects the channels that appear to know Last sections.


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