Asus Corperation

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    asus company logoWho owns Asus?

    ASUS (ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated) is a Taiwanese company manufactures motherboards, PDAs, and laptops, Servers, networking products, mobile phones, computer boxes, computer hardware, and computer cooling systems. Company is registered in both the London Stock Exchange and the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

    Vision and Mission:

    ASUS is constantly striving to be integrated and provide solutions for (computer, communications and consumer electronics) that would simplify customers’ lives and enable them to realize their full potential as a major player in the information technology industry.

    ASUS philosophy behind the product that development to achieve the basics first before moving forward, led to the founding of the column that can be relied upon computer components such as motherboards, graphics cards, optical storage devices.

    ASUS now has more than 16 production line, including electrical and electronic equipment in the manufacture of servers and laptops, and network devices, and communications, LCD monitors, TVs, and wireless applications.

    The company through the years:

    ASUS takes its name from the Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology who symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. It also embodies the strength and purity and the spirit of adventure.

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    Grown information technology industry in Taiwan dramatically over the past few decades and the ASUS at the forefront of this growth, though it began as a modest manufacturer of motherboards with a small number of employees, is now the leading company in the field of technology in Taiwan with more than 11,000 employees around the the world. • 2008:

    The Wall Street Journal Asia and Dtaha in position number one in quality and service, it is also ranked first in the category of information technology equipment in Taiwan in 2008. It is among the top 10 survey of international brands with a brand value of a U.S. $ 1,324,000,000. • 2009: As of November 26, 2009, 29.2% of personal computers sold in the previous 12 months all over the world were produced by ASUS, appeared Asus in “InfoTech 100 BusinessWeek” and “Asia’s best 10 companies for information technology” in the rankings. • 2011: Innovation was the key to the success of ASUS.

    After it was unveiled publicly PadFone at Computex 2011, the Prime ASUS announced TAICHI inspired Transformer. TAICHI Ultrabook is a display screen with a unique double-sided multi-touch, as it can shift from a tablet to a palm computer at the moment, simply by raising their own cover.

    Along with its exciting new collection for Windows RT tablet and Windows 8, ASUS has an impressive array of innovative products that would exceed the imagination of users with the world enters a new era of cloud computing.

    ASUS products won 3,886 international awards and a large number of honors in 2011 – the equivalent of 10 awards in the day, every day.

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    • until the year 2009, the company Asus has several affiliated factories around the world, 4 factories in Taiwan, factory in Mexico and a factory in the Czech Republic.

    The park also has Asus Hi Tech (ASUS Hi-Tech) in the in Zuco city (Suzhou) in China, which covers an area of ​​540,000 square meters which is equivalent to an area of ​​82 football fields.

    • monthly production capacity of the Asus is 2 million motherboard (Motherboards) and 15,000 palm computer (Notebook).

    • manages Asus 50 site service in 32 countries and has partners serve more than 400 worldwide. It also provides support in 37 languages.


    Produces Asus motherboards and graphics cards, sound cards, optical drives, personal digital assistants (PDAs), computer monitors and devices computer networks, mobile phones and computer components, it also has a remote sensing technology in the movement Wavi ASUS to bring recognition of the movement to the computer.

    Laptops :

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    Been tested laptops under strict conditions and in the most exotic locations.

    • zero defects in zero gravity R & K provided computers and electronic equipment for aviation missions, astronauts aboard the space station MIR with two ASUS laptops. Both devices work in a natural way of trouble-free for the period (600 days in space). He said Russian cosmonaut Sergei Avdeev, “did not rise temperature devices ASUS phones never like those made by other companies,” said “heat flux in space and on the ground is quite different. Devices that have better solutions for heat dissipation will be able to survive”

    • saving lives in the air NRMA CareFlight emergency medical unit and rescue helicopters operating in New South Wales, Australia, are used ASUS portable across different sectors of the services. It also plays a crucial role in the CareFlight program aimed to improve the rates of survival for victims of accidents who suffer from severe trauma to the head. And mobile computing for these devices allows quick access to faster medical team from the local ambulance, and can reduce the number of deaths associated with head trauma by 33%. Said the director of community relations for CareFlight “very pilots Fans with M5 ASUS devices and their ability to withstand the vibration of the plane.” “We are now ready to install the devices in all our aircraft and linking them with navigation devices on the plane.”

    • Surviving the bumps on the road Put notebook ASUS in maximum temperatures during the 2000 race Patagonia, which Ajtaz of through deserts severe heat and the snow-covered mountains. ASUS devices excelled at being as navigation devices, thanks to the GPS functionality built-in and the ability to display dynamic maps. CMT was also serve as tools for communication, and provide e-mail and video conferencing bidirectional. Race organizer said, “ASUS computers survived the harsh conditions in this arduous journey well, without a single blemish.”

    • in the foreground Group was selected from ASUS laptops, which included U5, S6 (issuing the skin and bamboo), and W7 U1 by a team of mountaineering expedition to Mount Everest. In the base camp at an altitude of 5000 meters above sea level, have failed other laptops because of the low temperature too, but ASUS devices and continued to work. And as a tribute to environmentally friendly technology, taking the captain and team leader Wang Yongfong the U5 ASUS laptop computer with him to the peak (8848 meters above sea level) and thus became the first ASUS devices of its kind in the world to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

    • to the ends of the world ASUS laptops proved repeatedly their ability to lower temperatures in the Arctic and Antarctic. On December 16, 2003, proceeded climbers Wang Shi and Liu Jian on an expedition to the summit of Vinson of 16,000, the highest peak in Antarctica, where it is known that temperatures fall below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Bring them climbers S200N ASUS device to document their experiences. Device met their needs perfectly: it was lightweight and compact, and he had a large hard drive and can handle the rigors of mountain climbing. Wang said, “They are working without any problem under harsh climatic conditions, and it was nice to be able to rely on a laptop computer in cases where the defect or poor performance is unacceptable”


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    No. 1 manufacturer of motherboards in the world, ASUS-controlled almost 40% of the market share. Has been sold more than 420 million PANEL since 1989. Today, every computer out of 3 There are ASUS motherboard.

    Voted for ASUS as “the best brand for motherboard” for six consecutive years by the readers of Tom’s Guide devices (THG), a site be read widely in the field of hardware review. In many of these elections, which usually rely tens of thousands of voters, ASUS received more than half of the votes. Readers’ Choice Award (THG) means equipment and products that appear in the highest level of quality and design and the companies that provided the best services to the users.

    These awards are considered a hallmark of good product design, quality, performance and value. God blessed ASUS one of the best research and development teams in the world that do not have the limits of innovation, which led to the availability of features and technologies that revolutionized the motherboard industry in terms of raising the potential operating frequencies, stability and efficiency in energy consumption.


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