Best 10 inch Android Tablet PC Reviews [Part 2]

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    View Sonic gTablet with 10" Multi-Touch LCD Screen, Android OS 2.2


    a. View Sonic gTablet with 10″ Multi-Touch LCD Screen, Android OS 2.2

     1. Product description

     Product possesses various qualities and essential characteristics which make it more unique and distinctive in operations.

    View Sonic gTablet comes with the 10 inch multi touch liquid crystal display screen for watching movies and playing entertainment facilities. Operating system having the qualities of Android operating system 2.2 is most effective and reliable. For internet connectivity WI-Fi without the involvement of broadband connection normally the routers are used for signal capture purpose.

    It has enriched with the function to make the business or translation in different languages as per regional and economic perception.

    Many of its features are free like the PVC free. Adapter are there which make in power saving and accessories and other USB connectivity as per wire form.

    2. Technical details

    Products are technically more associative and better in reliability when they have the best configuration and specifications in term of the CPU, browsing, video support, and webcam and memory storage.

    View Sonic gTablet have the capabilities like the best central processing units base on NVIDIA Tegra with dual cortex up to 1 gaga hertz compatibility.

    For internet browsing it has the Android Browser Adobe for the flash compatibility and the functional aspirations.

    System functions in video support for the multitasking perform the various functions in less span of time. Web came are there for sharing information and transferring the data and other connectivity so, you can see your dude what they are performing when you are making a chat with friends.

    Memory supports you  to store the data in maximum capability and its has the capacity to store the data up to 16GB and for expansion slots are there which facilitate to add memory up to 32GB.

    3.  Product Detail

    Product comes in less weight ease in portability up to 1.5 pounds. These tabs are more effective and attractive as for their slim and sleek design configuration blended with beveled edges.

    G tablets have the crisp touch screen display, for multitasking and web browsing.

    There are ship weight restriction and delivery that are associated which have to be followed these are the conditions which are imposed by the manufacture so that system or device should not malfunction.

    This is most aggressive and compatible other than devices to ship for outer location. Items models are basically the differentiation point for product it consists on G tablet family.

    4. Pros

    Fluid Navigation; Navigation comes to be practically instinctive, helps to scroll, toggle in various application with built up menu. Power and Speed,

    It has the blazingly fast speed for sharing information and other equipment, access for video chatting and for other multi tasking.

    Google Android OS 2.2, Android operating system for promptness, faster for web browsing, sharing and updating and uploading different software.

    Multimedia Powerhouse; Awesome performance can be seek from this as it provides in information sharing and other multimedia video sharing.

    Connectivity; Helps in connectivity with latest WI- FI systems that eradicates the broad bands and accesses the signals from various sources.

    5. Cons

    G-Table are useless practically and their market normally inaccessible.

    Most of the G-market applications are installed when system is built which later on profusely useless. Not compatible to play movie in AVI formats, unable to detect the kindle reader.


    These G- tablets are best been equipped with numerous function and their recommendation highly been advised.

    There are multiple qualities which makes it functioning completely.

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    View Sonic gTablet with 10″ Multi-Touch LCD Screen,

    Android OS 2.2

    Product Details

    b. Android 2.2 10.2″ Newest Tablet PC WIFI Camera HDMI

    1-Product Description

    The market tremendously making the new product to make the market more attractive and persuasive for the customer as the customer perception changing day by day so, new product are developing with new features. Customers like the product which are technological more effective and superb.  Android systems are capturing the market with the stunning entrance facilities. These products are taking the position of phone and other computer devices. These Android devices are there to motivating and attracting larger number of customers to make the market more attractive. I phone market has been diminish when the android system was introduce in market which has more features than the predecessors.  Android are there to increase the market progressively to skim the market share.

    2-Product Details

    These android models are comes with the Google 2.2 OS. Android comes with the 512 MB random access memory. Comparatively other systems are slow in performance than the android. These are coming with the touch screen essentials, WI-FI, Skype and other features for net surfing. The android system are twice powerful than the apple iphone with higher memory and more processor capabilities. System having the built in camera and built in memory and adhesive can be build by the ST dot slots. Android small and lightweight make it feasible in portability. Auto rotate screen which adjust the screen for the portrait and landscape features. You can adjust the movies or games according to your view basis.  Android 2.2 are more accessible and supportive for the multitasking and other essential features which were impossible to perform with iphone devices. Specification of system; 1GHZ central processing unit, 512MB random access memory, memory card slot , screen display 10.2, capability to rotate the screen in automatic form, better connectivity to internet and other devices.

    3-Technical Details

    Technical details of system are there with the impressive Google Android 2.2 OS, processor with 1GHZ, Random access memory .Hard drive which use for the data storage have the capacity to store the data up 4GB consisting on different functions like the data, movies and other features. Android are best to display the HDMI output.


    Auto rotate screen; provide the facility to consumer to mold the screen according to their needs and aspiration. Sometimes they want to see the image in portrait and landscape form then auto rotation ease the problem. Multi language support, device has the capability to support the various languages which are impossible in other devices. WI-FI and internet tethering can be best accomplished by the product.


    The android system have the some demerits which are negligible to some extent, battery timing in android is lower than the other ipad device which normally run with the system for more than ten hours. Android are unable to support the flash based programs and obstruction when user want to navigate from one app to other.

    6- Conclusion

    Touch screen and display which is normally larger than the ipad, but these devices are in impressive performance and available at affordable price with essential features.

    Hot Android Tablet Products:

    Products Price

    Android 2.2 10.2″ Newest Tablet PC WIFI Camera HDMI


    from $210.99

    Zenithink 10" Touchscreen Android 2.1 Tablet


    c. Zenithink 10″ Touchscreen Android 2.1 Tablet (ePad)

    1-Product Description

    The zenithink based on the android tablet system for the internet connectivity and aspirations.

    The tablet has the 10 inch Touchscreen for the interface sanctioning the user to watch movies, entertain him by watching movies and other essential capabilities.

    There are also providing the facilities to view the latest games and essential capabilities.

    Google android operating system 2.1 is there to provide the platform for downloading the various programs and then upgrading is there with system.

    The internet connectivity provides in highly effective manner and also provides the video graphics with higher speed for system connectivity and capability.

    Device compact and design configuration provides the interface to watch movies and other aspiration that user mostly like to have in particular device.

    2- Product Details

    The touch screen of device is pretty for the price assortment and people are using it for watching the movies and other entertainment related activities.

    The most of features are so enriched with qualities that user normally thinks to have the product.

    Most of the products are there in android form like the Motorola based on the android operating system less effective than the said device.

    The build quality of the device is also very superb for the manufacturing and other assortment attached with the product to make worth mentioning.

    Dimensionally product is with the 7.3 x 0.6 x 10.9 inches, Amazon standard identification number B0041FFJQA and item model number 89957040.

    3- Technical Details

    System with the new capabilities of ZT- 180 ARM 11 has to perform faster than previous generations which were slow in performance and capability.

    Film transistor digital screen is up to the configuration 1024.

    The system comes with the 2000 mAH, having new Lithium ion battery.

    There are stereo speakers 0.5W. Mini network port is for internet connectivity as these for business to be made the device more compatible.

    The system used basically the thin film transistor to make them more compatible and this technology is there to improve the image quality for the addressability and contrast.

    The TFT LCD is active matrix display. These devices are mostly use in the television sets, computer monitors and projectors that engineers use for the system.

    4- Pros

    These devices are there which the android base system to make the product more application for making system.

    There are USB ports with two slots standard and mini form and there are the SD slots which enable in connecting with device.

    These android system are there to make the product more aggressive for the downloading various application which are there to make the product more reliable and comparative between the tablets.

    Battery timing is up to 3 to 5 hours which run the system for long run for internet surfing.


    Screen is mostly not responsive as most of the application is there which have to access in larger display and system unable to support the product.

    WI-FI is not compatible to connect for internet and surfing the product.

    6- Conclusion

    These products are available cheaper product that is alternative to I pads so, there is recommendation the product for its varied source.

    Zenithink Tablet Hot Products:

    Products Price
    B0041FFJQA Zenithink 10″ Touchscreen Android 2.1 Tablet (ePad)




     1- Product Description

    The android are basically software that are formulated for mobile devices and are the operating mechanisms.

    These products are there which are developed by the Google inc. user are facilitated to use the programming language in customized form normally in java format which known to be as best input version by most of the companies.

    Most of the java libraries are used by the java company developed by Google android system.

    Google android 2.2 tablets are most popular and effective than the notebook and laptops. These products are there to sustain the programs basically in native language for the customer. Android are launched by the 5 November 2007 for the usage of open handset.

    2- Product Detail

    Google android system are there with the compatibility to focus on the best alternative that are used in operating mechanism to expose all the alternative that are used in communication technology.

    Android is basically software for mobile devices that mold with the help of operating system and middleware.

    Google basically purchase the software from Android Corporation in year 2005. And after the purchasing this system was base on Linux kemel. Handset alliance companies with the collaboration developed and release the system in 2005.

    Android open system project was there for the maintenance and development in android system. Android system is renowned to be one of the best selling technologies for mobile phone and other devices.

    3- Technical Details

    WIFI for wireless network connectivity, CAMERA for the rear and forward facing like chatting and photo in various modes like the single shot, multiple panorama shot and other devices are there in system.

    High definition multimedia output, micro secure digital non volatile memory slot, and most significant the android 2.2 operating system are the key essential features of 10 Google android systems.

    Battery of android is Li-Ion if the WI FI connectivity with system then runs for 3 hours.

    Memory DDR (double data Rate) 512 MB, storage device 4GB and there is flash player for support.

    4- Pros

    An independent procedure is followed by the Linux based Android system for each application.

    This prevents malicious programs from disturbing other applications or important telephone functions. If an application program makes it essential to access the data or phone operations, for instance to read phone numbers in the address book or make a telephone call, the user needs to explicitly enable this during installation itself.

    4- Cons

    Camera quality and resolution is poor for the android base system. Unable for the tethering there are no support for the connectivity for USB which share different application and graphics. Best resolution and results are often been deserved from most of the application.

    Support for the maintenance by most of the dealers are lacking for these systems. Users are perplexing the situation when making the order of products.

    5- Conclusion-

    In nutshell, products are there in low quality, casings are in plastic and not reliable to use. Support for system maintenance are lacking so amount on maintenance replenish by most users.

    Buy here:




    e. Zenithink Android 2.2 10″ Wi-Fi Touchscreen Tablet (ePad) New OS, 512 MB DDRII RAM, 4GB FLASH,

    1-Product Description


    Zenithink are system which built on the android system for the connectivity and compatibility and most of the people are using this device for the entertainment and other purpose. The tablet has the 10 inch screen for the compatibility for watching movies and other purpose of playing the 3D games. Long screen are there for watching the games in cyclometer form which provide ease in rotation and other pursuits. Android 2.2 devices are there for rapid downloading the games and application for games in the form of software which are most significant for performance of computers. The Zenithink is there for the assessing the internet and also fulfill the purpose of playing the games with 10180P video with fast speed.
    2- Product Details

    The ZT-180 android tablet are there in 10 inch Touchscreen interaction provides you option to watch the movies, play the games and surf on the web with lightning speed. Many of the documents are downloading with eBook a facility provides by the android system. Google android 2.2 are a track which provides you the option to view the documents and download them with quick and effective manner. Most of the version of product is highly aggressive and highly compatible for functioning. The ZT-180 comes with the Amazon standard identification number B0041ZYW5W. Most of Zenithink devices are for lightening speed and performance for varied function like the internet connectivity and also compatibility for reading the books and novels online.

    3- Technical Details

    ZT-180 with the 10 inch screen display having the android 2.2, WI-FI for internet connectivity, Touchscreen tablet with ePad compatibility is most effective and innovates. System has the new operating system 2.2 which is more compatible than the 2.1 generation. Memory is up to 512 mega byte, DDRII (double data rate) random access memory and flash. System has the 1GHZ processor with the distinctive identification ZT-180. Screen can display the images up to 10 inches larger resolution. G- Sensor is there in system to acknowledge the position and rotation of screen more compatible. USB ports are there with the RJ 45 network included with the system. The screen is also providing the film transistor displays which are more common among the engineers and other doctors who use it for diagnosis and other pursuit.

    4- Pros

    Android systems are more compatible to run the system properly then previous generation which have less effectiveness in term of system compatibility. USB ports are there for broadband and additional devices connectivity. SD slot mini cards are there to connect the additional memory. Android systems are more compatible to download the movies and surf on the internet comparatively to ipad generations. Battery timing of these devices in impressive battery runs more then 5 to 6 hours which normally helps in communicating and effectiveness of data.


    Screen are less responsive in term of display when to read the books and novel along with magazines so less display and resolution make in strenuous for consumer to adjust the layout of paper. Internet connectivity in term of wireless connection is not up to mark.

    6- Conclusion zenithink tablets are fulfilling the option of ePad and Google android companies are there for making the best product s for customer retrieval.

    Zenithink Tablet Hot Products:

    Products Price
    B004IZYW5W Zenithink Android 2.2 10″ Wifi Touchscreen Tablet (ePad) New OS, 512 MB DDRII RAM, 4GB FLASH,
    It is manufactured by Tsirtech.

    tablet pc


    f.  Plexon Superpad II – 10.2″ Tablet PC – 4GB HD is Premium Invention by Amazon

       1- Product Description

    Plexon Superpad II is a superb addition in the world of entertainment and it touches to the core of your heart with its multi-function operating system. It retains a webcam to enhance the quality of your video chat with your professional colleagues and dear ones. Wi-Fi network connectivity includes SD slot to verify its storage capacity of 32 GB but you have to pay additional charges for this accessory. You can broad its sharing excellence by connecting a quality USB socket, HDMI socket and RJ45 socket. You can utilize your Superpad in place of your GPS device as it works in the same way as your GPS device does.

    2- Product Detail

    With applicable Amazon’s dimensions, Plexon Superpad II retains 3 pounds shipping weight that can vary with the passage of time due to foreign marketing policies. If you are looking for this specific gadget in intercontinental marketing, you will be conscious of ASIN B004U7E8I4 for your own convenience. Model number of Plexon Superpad II is DS102 that proves assisting for your precise evaluation of this technically designed decent device. Amazon’s rank number for this product is 172; it shows marketing status of this product among other products.

    3- Technical Details

    You can buy or download online diagrams with 10.2” TFT touch glossy screen of Plexon-Superpad. It also retains standard quality digital pen to make your content writing and drawing more perfect than ever before. You can enjoy video watching, melody editing and web browsing with its RAM 512MB DDR2 and 4 GB expandable up to 32 GB storage faculty. You can enhance its performance with Android software 2.1 for the achievement of your extreme surfing intentions. It battery 7.4V 3800 MAH contributes a lot for sure and consistent response of your applications without any disruption.

    4- Pros

    With this technical gadget like that of SD slot, you can expand internal memory of your Plexon Superpad II to store round about 32 HD movies. It is capable of shielding 3200 PDF professional files even if they are in scattered form. It relishes you with photo sharing aptitude that enables you to share your heart-touching feelings or business related information to your comrades. You can capture whilst store required expressions in its secured files with the support of digital camera.

    4- Cons

    Amazon offers 10 inches glossy, sharp and bright multi-touch screen with glaring vividness in form of Plexon Superpad II. You can reach quality picture response through this device but for this purpose, you should watch your movie from the distance of half meter. It follows 1280 x 720 resolutions for smooth and perfect playback without lagging unwanted annoyance. You can achieve instant response with its touch screen without slight support of your magic mouse.

    5- Conclusion-

    You pay reasonable price for this browsing gadget that pledges for quality internet browsing, PDF reading and video games with 12% battery life. Plexon Superpad II retains charming and bright offers for its relying clients in order to make their lives full of pleasure and comfort. Its wide spreading network enables you to communicate to your globally widen community of your comrades or collaborators.

    Buy here:

    Plexon™ – Superpad™ II – 10.2″ Tablet PC – 4GB HD – 512MB Ram – Google Android 2.2 OS – 3.1 Mega Pixel Camera – GPS – HDMI – USB – WiFi – MicroSD slot – RJ45







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