eLocity A7 Touchscreen 7-Inch Android 2.2 Tablet (Black)

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    elocityeLocity A7 Touchscreen 7-Inch Android 2.2 Tablet (Black)

    1-Product Description

    ELocity A7 are new techniques and tablet most of the people are using it for entertainment purpose with the NVIDIA Tegra operating system. The people with new development and changing constraints are there making the apps for imaginable function. Many applications are there to tailor with the main flow of work and compatibility.

    2-Product Details

    The elocity are making revolution in computer industry and mobile phone technology combines the power with ultimate option technology built on ht e2.2 android base technology. which not only customize you internet option but also there to make the internet connectivity.  The key features are there fast speed and impressive technology makes the product more competitive among the products.

    3- Technical Details

    The eLocity A7 Touchscreen are there which make the product more aggressive and competitive. Android 2.2 operating system available with the pre- installed features to make the product available online. NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor; these products are faster and sleek in style than the ipad. These Smartphone are there with the Dual ARM 9 central processing unit. Capacitive touch screen is having the crisp, clear high resolution for the best stylus configuration. Virtual key board is there for the social networking and office productivity, these are easy to make the product more capability and web surfing. Flash support; with the eLocity, web browsing can be done with impressive style and compatibility with the flash support to view the content in magnified way.

    4- Pros

    HDMI output; HD films are there with the impressive technology and other to connect with your palm computer for impressive TV screen pro 1080 p high resolution. These eLocity are there basically for the internet connectivity and compatibility. The eLocity comes with the internal memory up to the flash support for 4 GB with capacity of storing 40,000 photos, and many songs for countless entertainment facilities. 3- Axis Accelerometer which is more applicable in watching the 3D games with impressive techniques. Companies are using this device with 3- Axis accelerometer. These A7 touch screen are there for reading the books with e- books which can be download and then adjust with the vertical format having the capability for A7 contrast display. Web cam; camera is there for the eLocity internet table, for wireless connectivity WI-FI is there to make the system more aggressive and compatible.

    5- Cons

    These A 7 touch screen devices are more costly than the other companies’ product and tablets available in market for the consistency and compatibility.  The price of this product is so high as its features are resembles to laptops and notebooks.  Battery timing is in normally less than the other tablet available in products like the apple ipad 2 generation which are more compatible to run in battery for more than ten hours.

    6- Conclusion

    These eLocity products are more features essential which user normally pursue for entertainment and business conduction purpose. So purchasing of these products apart from laptops is recommended.

    Buy here:eLocity A7 Touchscreen 7-Inch Android 2.2 Tablet (Black)


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