With EVO 4G Mobile Phones HTC Google Android on Sprint Wireless.

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    HTC EVO Shift 4G Android Phone (Sprint)HTC EVO 3D 4G Android Phone (Sprint)

     The new HTC Sprint 4G Evo has a lot of people getting up and taking note.
    The interesting new features this mobile device brings to bear on the market give rise to the belief that it will completely crush the competition.
    The phone seems to live up to all the hype and then some WiMax4G.
    The Evo from HTC manages to combine the near perfect features of Touch HD2, unbelievably fast download speeds, and the legendary Sense-on-android capacity.
    HTC Evo 4G review sites are all in uproar about the possibilities of this new mobile device that was once said to be released as  “Super Sonic “.
    It comes complete with the ever popular 4.
    3-inch 480 x 800 TFT LCD and impressive 1GHz Snapdragon processor, which manages HTC Touch HD2.
    However, unlike that device the HTC Evo does not run on WinMo 6.
    It utilizes the sleek and techno-sexy Android 2.
    One operating system that the constant desire, technology enthusiasts mobile devices has been around the world since its publication.
    This release means that the HTC Evo 4G device will be among the first phones to support the most recent Android OS in the United States.
    Interested parties can be taken into account, the phone has to offer in terms of the ability to capture images.
    The dual cameras, that’s right dual cameras, on this mobile device move up the ladder from a solid 5MP device for capturing standard images to an 8MP one.
    It also contains a forward-facing 1.
    3 MP camera that is able to record HD video.
    Had live video of the telephone communication has begun long ago, but with more connectivity, was download speed and the camera high definition video conferencing could actually be on the needs of a robust capacity on mobile devices instead of computers at home only.

    There are a few more intriguing features for the HTC Evo 4G phone.
    “Leap ” Multitasking is released.
    The Sense User Interface is placed atop the much desired Android 2.
    1 operating system, but enables the user step function  “pinch ” anywhere on the device so that they direct knowledge, which applications are currently open.
    A less electronically intriguing feature is the addition of a simple kickstand on the back of the phone.
    Due to the big screen this size is a good addition to this Google Phone because it is an individual, actually see the screen without bending over or keep it allows the phone.

    A very exciting feature of the HTC Evo 4G is in fact the 4G capabilities.
    Are capable networks exist only in America, and only in 27 major cities in the Sprint network early on with another fifteen to have the ability, people who plan to present a sprint and live in these cities have access to faster download speeds and track connections no another phone hands-on.
    Those unfortunate individuals that do not live near such areas are still be able to use the 3G connection for their phone.
    In summary, the 4G HT EVO phone for those who only want the best out of your mobile phone.
    4G is the next step in cell phone technology and this device has a head start.
    It is said that the EVO is the best so far and we Android d agreement.


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