Google launches a smart eye glasses captures images by ” wink eye “

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    Google  smart eye glasses
    Google introduced a new feature on her glasses smart a way that allows users to capture images as ” Wink eye .”

    The company said that this new development is faster than taking pictures with the camera button and use voice command to direct image capture , as well as being works even if the display is switched off.

    He also said the new update , which carries the name of the version of “XE12”, property lock display screen along with the glasses provided with the possibility of raising the videos and sharing site ( YouTube).

    Technology companies are keen to participate in the products market instruments worn by users , is considered by many as a key sector of this market to achieve growth .

    Google says that the property Bgmz capture the eye of numerous glasses may be used in the future .

    The company said in one of their code : ” Imagine a day may come can it pay the bill taxi Once wink to the counter of your seat back , or innuendo for a pair of shoes displayed in the display interface to receive to the home of size appropriate , or perhaps a wink to the recipe in the cookbook to show you the instructions on instantly and easily without the use of your hand . ”
    Concern about privacy

    His launch of Google smart glasses concerns about the impact on the privacy of its users, as it can be for these glasses to combine images and video , and other data for all what the user sees approx.

    Some even went as far as saying the ” impossibility ” Privacy with the prevalence of the use of Google Goggles or any other similar products .

    On the other hand , analysts said the new property will make it difficult for them to pick up the pictures seen .

    Said Manoj Menon , managing director of the company ( Frost & Sullivan ) Consulting : “It’s technological advancement and opportunities for senior Alapetkarh which are endless. ”

    But he added : ” However , it raises issues we need to understand as well as the issues of security and privacy . Should also put up a discussion on how to use these tools freely and in any environment . ”

    Menon also said that he often has placed the rules governing the use of this technology because they are at the stage of maturity and is seeking companies strive for circulation .
    Growth potential

    It is expected that the market is witnessing technology tools that can be worn strong growth in the coming years , but analysts disagree about the size of this market .

    According to the Foundation ( Juniper Research ) for research of the sector is expected to see record annual sales of up to 19 billion dollars by 2018 , an increase of a difference of 1.4 billion dollars recorded this year .

    While analysts Bank ( Credit Suisse ) Ptoukahm more optimistic that the sector recorded sales of up to 50 billion dollars for the same period .

    While preferred Inc. ( Gartner ) for research to be more cautious in its outlook as the estimated sales of 10 billion dollars by 2016 , and analysts favored a recording sector grew faster if companies decided to provide their employees this kind of technology.
    Strong competition

    Google smart glasses is considered one of the technology tools that can be worn and launched by different companies in a competition designed to capture a significant share in the growing sector .

    In October / October launched ( Nike ), the second generation of the sporty wrist bracelet ” Fuel Band ” helps users keep track of their physical activity .

    In September / September revealed her watch for Samsung smart ” Galaxy Gear ” that can be used to record voice calls and run different applications .

    In the same month, the company introduced the Japanese mobile communications , ” NTT DoCoMo ” glasses that can translate a menu by displaying the translated text over the text is not uncommon for the user.

    Earlier this year, the company said ( Habsalon ) which is based in the United States that it has developed based Jawarba fitted with sensors to help users monitor their balance while walking or jogging.

    In China, the company revealed ( Shanda ) for a ” Jake Ring ,” which can be worn on the finger and can open the user’s smartphone or transfer the information to others .


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