How do you calculate on a calculator?

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    How to operate a calculator?
    When we say you and I calculate two plus two, we imagine a set of lines, start from the number two and jump up twice to reach the number four (or at least we were doing it even saved us the answer by heart). This process is very simple, so we use the expression “collects two and two together.” to express the conclusion is clear.

    But what if you are not able to imagine a set of lines? What if you fund a small gray covered buttons and full by electronic? How do you when to conclude that two plus two equal to four?The process itself is not that simple, but understanding how to implement this calculation in a calculator, you’ll be able to understand how to drive this little machine implementation of the mathematical operations of great complexity.

    Start with the first entry, when you press Key 2, press the button on the rubber pad under it, which in turn create electrical contact between the two-wire, leading to the formation of an electrical circuit between them. Because of the presence of battery feed circuit, the power supply to the transistors.

    Transistors are breaker electric microscopic (very small), not two main types: open or closed. Reflect the theme of closure with 0, and on the theme of conquest although 1. (Form a group of ones and zeros this famous the language of the count binary calculators and Colombian) . Can represent all numbers as a string of ones and zeros. Send Figure 2 – a button that is pressed to execute the calculation process of this group of electrons to a tractor, making one take the site closed and the other open position. Thus the modulation transfer fee 2 is on Figure 10.

    Then press the “ + ” button . Works section of rubber positioned beneath the access of tangency between the two-wire, causing the flow of Electric is similar to the process of pressing the 2 Button, and the creation of Additional, the cost calculator the level of income of another. Then you press the button 2, as happened last time, leave the electrical currents Figure 2 to-encoding binary, the transfer transistor to put a closure to transfer to another to the open position.

    Finally press “=”. Which gives the green light, the machine need to implement is the excess of the entrance in advance. Where help two of the transistors in the line 10 in Figure 2 first, and two were also in the line 10 in Figure 2. III. Now I have on the calculator to collect those income together.

    Used calculators (Colombian) the data input using the electronic components known as gates of Boolean logic gates. As the name suggests, behave logic gates as a barrier in the circuit, you get two streams carry, and, and a new stream depending on what you find. There are several types of logic gates: AND, OR, NOT, XOR. In collaboration with each other to enable these gate circuits of the collection, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers sent to them from the trees.

    Let’s take the gate AND, if both the references to the hyphenated of the two to the gate of type logical 1, will Gate the signal from the type 1. But if one of the references or both of Type 0, you’ll see the gate signal of the Type 0.

    Paint the gate OR signal of Type 1 if one of the income or both of Type 1, while the deposition of the gate XOR output of Type 1 if one of the income of Type 1 only. Turning gate is NOT income to the other type. If the income is 1, then out is 0, and vice versa.

    Use logic gates to integrate the information stored in the pair of transistor – configurations 10 and 10 (2 and 2). The process requires the collection of this simple to a complex matrix of logic gates, but here’s the essence of the process:

    Send signals from the type 1 to the logic gate type AND. Discharge from the type 1. And also references itself to a gateway of type XOR, and output of Type-0. Send the signal of the original Type 0 (from the preform 10, 10) to the two gates of type AND and XOR, which have gone out of their Type-0. In a similar process to protect the high scores in the process of ordinary beauty, is collected the output of my signal 0 from the gate AND with the output of my Signal 1 from gate XOR: sending the references of Type 0 to a gate of type OR, and the output of Type-0. (I.e. there is nothing to add to the high scores).

    Exit signals the final are 1, 0 and 0. In binary coding, representing the number 100 to Number 4.

    Out the gates of another logical if will be lighting the different syllables used in the formation of the numbers – usually consists of seven lines arranged to digital format for the 8 – on-screen calculator. To show Figure 4, for example, doesn’t have a lighting plan at the top of the formation. When sending the focus to 100 (which crosses on Figure 4) through a matrix of logic gates on the top, the end result will be a 0 – any is express non-lighting line.

    These processes occur in the circuit too quickly, which makes the appearance of the number 4 seems instantaneous. To implement more complicated calculations, such as multiplying or dividing large numbers, the implementation of the calculator a long chain of operations of addition and subtraction, and all similar to get the former for 2+2. Operations require such a period of time greater, but not greater than the twinkling of an eye.


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