How to draw 3d shapes easy

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    Drawing Of the types of graphic that’s good for most people is drawing in two dimensions (2D), where the artist says using the two dimensions x (Width), bumper (height) – level Cartesian to paint his paintings, but back in the last few years the expression or the concept of drawing three-dimensional (3D), where the artist uses a third dimension in addition to length and width in the drawing the dimension is p or Z (height)Works on tricking your sight in order to look official as stereoscopic real length, breadth and height, and realize that they just draw on the wall or paper or street only when you touch them and her.

    Drawing three-dimensional:

    Drawing three-dimensional thought of the easiest types of painting, but it differs somewhat from the other species to do so; because you must take care of a few things:

    Place the shade: even you can draw a three-dimensional shape you have to determine where it comes from sunlight or light in general to know where would be the shadow of the figure you intend to paint it.

    An official original: you should know that drawing three-dimensional do not send the same articles to shape origin, where the real dimensions and sizes are not used in the drawing.

    Angle of view angle of drawing: you have to know that the angle of view of the company is not the angle of the drawing, there is a angle of the well-known two-to three-dimensional 45 and 30 degrees for Milan the third dimension (height) from the surface of the paper or drawing place, even you can draw a three-dimensional image, you have to consider it at a 90 degree angle.

    There are several types of painting three-dimensional, whether manually using the pen or the brush or any drawing tool known, or using the computer using the paint program or Photoshop or AutoCAD and other drawing programs.

    There’s a lot of Arabic sites and gas wagon for the education of three-dimensional drawing, and also there are a lot of sessions on YouTube to teach three-dimensional drawing just keep looking for them.Always desire to learn something there is no easy way to do it, but you always have to work hard and persist and achieve your dream of learning what you want and that it applies to learn three-dimensional drawing.

    In this article you give you overview of the three-dimensional drawing, and some of the tips that relate to despite three-dimensional, that’s more what I can teach you; because you know three-dimensional drawing needs to be first to the talent in drawing but talent alone is not enough they need persistence and desire to learn.

    Learn three-dimensional drawing:

    Drawing three-dimensional Drawing three-dimensional may seem harder than simple drawings and basic shapes, which may be given by the painters of the cartoon movies or books, children’s stories, but the truth is that if you possess the basic skills for drawing, and possess the ability to visualize the lines clearly in your mind before drawing it on paper, both of which are learned with practice and training rather than innate talent as he thinks a lot, then you can certainly move to the next level by adding some depth and shadows and to draw you simple, so it looks three-dimensional edema after the fact.

    If you do not possess the basic skills of drawing must be acquired first, before moving to the real world and triple the dimensions, and have it to send so much on a daily basis so think of your hand on the drawing, and your eyes to follow your hand which is paint, and that the development of the war between your hand and your eye, and do not expect magical results fast, the figure needs to exercise a sustained, and even the South might lose his talent if he stopped the practice of painting for a long time.

    Here are some of the main things important in three-dimensional drawing:


    So it seems your drawings realistic and three-dimensional fonts should be foreign to a high degree of precision, you must take your time though, if your drawing needs such as for straight lines, you have to make sure that the lines perfectly straight, or if your drawing contains circular shapes, or arcs and curves, you also must make sure that they Series of and varied and not the crooked, as if the first half of the bow bending more or less of the second half of the bow, but there must be the size of the degree of bending in each half, and so on.

    You can use any way you want her to like to paint draw free from your imagination, or copy a drawing of another re-paint it as it is, and use tools like the ruler and use it to take measurements accurately, or by using the “network boxes” for drawing, or any other way you prefer as long as you belong to set accurate.

    External borders:

    The outer limits of the chart you you should be of slim lines as much as possible, all fonts are bold and Broad in the drawing to make it more semi-painted cartoon movies, and are less semi-graphically-realistic three-dimensional.

    Objects and shapes around us in the world of truth is not defined by black lines broad, cartoon-like so you must avoid with you, and you can it using a pencil lightly and no pressure on the pen while drawing to be lines light can barely see it.

    Perspective Patron terms of the perspective in your drawing, and with the difficult learning in the beginning, it’s worth your time and effort in learning it, you can look up the word perspective in the browser google image search until you find a lot of examples, which symbolizes the angles in your drawing and the dimensions, etc., and you can learn it through the internet on different websites, or from art books and painting, but basically have that experience myself and seep heavily even mastered, without the proper perspective you can’t seem to drawing a realistic three-dimensional.


    Add some fine details to your drawing so lend it some realism, such as to add some hair to single here and there if you send one of the animals fur, or to add some tucks here and there if you send some clothes or cloth or other, or to add some lines and shapes micro reflections within the iris if you paint the face of a person, and other details.


    You can give your drawing more depth and realism through the shadows, where you can shade some parts of your drawing or the background around the drawing, parts of the body of the decree light colored because the light affects the parts of the interni to the inside must be dark because light does not reach them, must be taken into account the direction of light as well determine where you should shade them until they become darker. Watch out during the pencil shading don’t hold it vertically on the paper, but hold it diagonally to the largest degree possible to get the shading smooth, graded from the lightest age value, without gaps or shadows variable of a sudden.


    The shadows within your drawing itself is not sufficient, rather you have to paint the shadow under the body of the decree so as not to seem like he floats in the void, and dark under it that can make the body looks like the subject above the paper and draw a flat for you, but rather three-dimensional above, we have taken into account to be a diverse shade with the shape and size of the body of the decree, and to be contrary to the direction of the light, and also darker the closer to the body and open whenever you get off of him.

    A three-dimensional drawing With a pencil:

    How to draw a three-dimensional shape with a Pencil?

    Drawing one of the most activities the development of the right half of the brain which is the part responsible for imagination, creativity, innovation, understanding of beauty, the music, in Where be the other half responsible for things mathematical, logical, linguistic, and the fact that there is no human being only half a brain, so would prefer to paint or focus on one of the activities of creative in the spare time as the study in most schools of the Arab world focus on the left half of the brain, so it prefers to send and to encourage children to painting to clean the sides together.

    And to make the drawing appear three-dimensional, incredibly depth to seem more realistic, whether in pencil or charcoal or any other material, to the follow the following tips:

    When you try to draw a three-dimensional drawing, make sure the fonts are the primary external answer is correct and the wobbling must be drawn confidently and accurately, and in case you are a beginner in the drawing you can use drawing or picture reference so take fonts, you can also copy or flange by placing paper over the picture and draw lines over it, at least until you think your hand on the drawing and start drawing lines on your own without the need to flange, and then without having to even reference image and the recognition on the ticket and the imagination, so don’t come to fight, as many think, but heavily practice.

    What makes the body or shape appear three-dimensional, increases the depth is to add shadows, if you notice forms of carbon, both depicted in children’s stories or on TV, find it flat, not a lot of Shadows, if any.

    So to avoid getting the shape of the carton and form a realistic three-dimensional have to add shadows to different degrees depending on the direction of the incident light.

    If the light source from the left, such as the body or shape should become darker as you move to the right and the edge of the body on the left completely white so as to reflect the ray of light which touches, as well as should add a shadow under the body fits the shape of the body and, of course, reverse the direction of the light, since light comes from the left in this example, the shadow will be on the right side and The Shape of the body and.

    It is also worth to note that the shadow is darker near the body, and becomes lighter the further away from the body shape or even fades, if for different surfaces and different shapes you can imagine a beam of light when it touches those surfaces to the rays of light going in straight lines, then the contamination of surfaces near the direct rays of light the color of lighter surfaces away from the light or be deep in the inside the shape the color darker.

    Of actions that must be avoided when drawing a realistic drawing, are the external lines of the petition which clearly show in the cartoon movies, it must be the shape of one unit is divided from the inside by sharp lines, clear and to be shape specific lines External of the about it, but this should be the lines of the lighter to be so that no one sees us, and rely on the color gamut of the shadows show the surfaces of the figure rather than separated by clear lines like in a cartoon.

    Learn engineering drawing:

    Engineering drawing The engineering drawing represents the material teaching students the first year and the second within the disciplines of engineering, and teaching methodology for students enrolled in vocational training programs in some of its fields, and aims to provide the student with basic engineering principles to answer, and the student’s ability to understand the nature of the third dimension, giving him the ability to analyze three-dimensional shapes to help Terms binary.

    Learn engineering drawing:

    Before beginning any person to learn the skills you need to come up paraphernalia, and these are usually the first step for any student, as it is defined with the tools to actually bring types, the goal of each tool, and include; the ruler is metric, triangles, pencil lead, eraser, and rub the track, the layers of the drawing (and) and certainly the color used for drawing.

    After mentioning the names of the tools is determined qualitatively and its mission; use the ruler to metric to install drawing pad on the is divided horizontally, as for the pencils they use degrees of Light, The Eraser the more flexible the better of the Triangle; where it is preferred to use triangles fraught with edge preferably most of the students use the quality rating of the various instruments, both triangulation or caliper cub; a piece of light plastic contain basic forms consists of a request drawn constantly from the student, using his Cub data saves time and effort.

    Ask then students to add dimensions for his drawings, and at this stage is defined on the line types and their uses, rules of writing dimensions, scale and drawing. Selecting the line type choose the directory and thus, we find every indication of a plan reflects to them; the outline used for the parts most visible from the drawing and thus the high uses of the lines of the least importance, and the most important rules of writing dimensions to write many top of the line dimension when you read it from right and bottom.

    The student begins to visualize the third dimension of objects, as is the statement of the hometown of painting, and the student will infer the projected second, and this depends in the beginning on the student’s ability to get rid however, in the end, be subject to the rules of the basis for the conclusion the projected second to respond, reflect this stage the student’s ability to imagine three-dimensional graphic in a two-dimensional painting, as the painting being of a vacuum.


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