How to treat acne with garlic

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    Can garlic get rid of acne?


    Is a group of chronic infections that may infect the skin, and cause the person to get fully integrated and always throughout your day, it is also called the seas, and if we eliminate them immediately begin by the appearance of the other was in waiting, this constant state over and over are tired and despair, and acne -as they say – from the diet harmful, or bad system, but the genetic pyramid is behind this love.

    How the appearance of acne  start ?

    Starts appearing with the onset of sebum production from the sebaceous glands of the skin, leading to blocked openings of the small bit of hair that lead to blocked pores, if the aperture large, and take the form of blackheads (spots a small flat, and be the center of it black), as if the holes were small and take the form of broadcast (in the form of bumps the same color as the meat, which is usually of small size), Both types work to fill the pores, and can develop into swelling, inflammation, or nodules, which is linked to severe cases of acne, and often referred to as (cystic acne), a swelling of static under the skin become inflamed and stiff, and doesn’t disappear alone, but require treatment To hide them, and the more advanced treatment sooner was the duration of treatment is less.

    Age groups for acne

    You may experienced by all age groups, especially women, that appear when in different stages of hormonal changes that take their lives, such as: the period of pregnancy, when the use of the contraceptive pill, or sometimes when you stop the use of these pills, and the menstrual cycle, as well as suffering from adolescents, and lasts for five to ten years, and he goes after exceeding twenty years often, acne usually starts during puberty between the ages of 10 and 13 years, as well as persons with oily skin in both sexes.

    The reasons for the appearance of acne

    There are many causes of acne, including the following:

    1. Disorders, hormones, and them in the body, and this is often when teens during puberty stage.
    2. Increase the proportion of androgens in the sebaceous glands while taking some medications that contain a large percentage of them.
    3. Some cosmetic products and creams also, which contain a very high percentage of oils, the material is clean, which increase this problem, therefore, clean skin is important to assess and reduce this problem, but it is not the problem in itself.
    4. Try to remove this grain by hand over of the party.
    5. Eating certain foods, such as: a food that contains a ratio of fat, sweets, and sugar and artificial.
    6. Genetic factors also play an important role in the appearance of acne.
    7. Exposure to the sun heavily.

    Acne treatment
    Some of the ways through which they can cure acne, can in the beginning to protect ourselves from these pills, through:
    • Stay away from cosmetics and creams which are used for the Prevention of sun.
    • Not recommended for cleaning frequent skin washing by using soap and disinfectants, but wash your face with an appropriate disinfectant moderately.
    • Keep your cool, and avoid the causes of stress, nervousness.
    • Do some sports.
    • Eating certain foods rich in vitamins and minerals especially iron and zinc, and eating foods that contain carbohydrates and fats.
    • When there are suitable French fries is clearly on the skin either in the face or other put ice on these areas; to alleviate inflammation.
    • Use masks that are prepared at home in the house that enters into the preparation of natural substances, which help in alleviating the grain.
    • The materials can be used sulfur, they contain a large amount of sulfur, which contribute to the alleviation of the grain.
    • Consult a doctor skin specialist, which gives us the right medicines for the grain annoying.
    • Wash your hair and the pillow repeatedly.
    • Do not use a piece of cotton in washing your face because it will be the enemy of all parts of the face.
    • Focus on eating certain foods help in the elimination of grains, such as: lemon juice, orange peel, honey, and water in abundance, and activity of the Cape, and apple cider vinegar, potatoes, raw vegetables, and garlic.

    All the previous foods help in alleviating the grain in the face, but we’ll explain how to get rid of acne by garlic:


    Can we apply garlic on face?

    Is a type of ancient plants reputed to have a lot of people, and favorites used in all foods when you other; perceptible well the immense benefits that are protected by garlic, which of the species tulips, are available in the ground cloves contiguous, a severe war, the strength of the smell, and is used in food, medicine, and spread in the Mediterranean basin, and are of two types:
    • Thom Brennan: it is said (Thom live), a pot of garlic when my fight al-Andalus.
    • Garlic rate: little with leeks.

    The benefits of garlic
    • Very useful for patients with epilepsy.
    • Treatment of chronic bronchitis, inflammation of the membrane bronchial asthma.
    • Do not play a role in the elimination of Zakat frequent, cough, and asthma.
    • Eliminate malignant tumors, it illustrates the garlic after the pinch bees.
    • Cleanses the intestines, lowers blood pressure, relieves menstrual pain, increases immunity of the body.
    • Played a significant role in getting rid of acne.

    Acne treatment with garlic

    To get rid of acne by garlic, do the following: wash the garlic thoroughly, then chop very small pieces, and offer peace to all grain products. Vickers like magic when you put the garlic on cereal, as it contains natural antibiotics treated infections affecting the skin. Fights bacteria, fungi and germs, which purify the skin, and show in the picture acne.

    It may be a matter of eating garlic for some girls the idea is acceptable, but you will impress the girls when you know the benefits of garlic for skin, even they can afford this idea, it is advised to mix it with the amount of vinegar, then put on the cereal more than once a day using a cotton swab.


    Intended use of certain methods of healing of a particular disease afflicting a human, and treatment comes directly after the diagnostic phase, when you know the cause of an individual suffering from a particular disease we start with the treatment; so that we can completely control this disease before it spreads and increases in the body of the individual.

    Types of treatment
    • Psychotherapy: it is used to treat the same human beings from the negative correlation that affect it, and mental illness have multiple types, such as:phobias, anxiety, fear, and phobias, etc., and all disease no way to cure it.
    • Physiotherapy: it is treatment of disease by natural methods, aims to develop health, pain relief, a more preferred type to use; because it is not caused by the use of any Thar side, especially when the elderly and children.
    • Chemotherapy: is a treatment using drugs that fit the type of disease to eliminate them fully, as well as is the use of drugs, where it’s used to treat many diseases, with treatment, stop the drug through the blood to all parts of the body, it means a greater chance to eliminate cells that may be addressed to another member of the body.
    • Radiation therapy: this type is considered new in the medical world, it is newly discovered, where is the use of radiation to control malignant cells, and is commonly used in cancer diseases.
    • Behavioral therapy: used to assist the patient in perceiving and interpreting his way of thinking power, which can be said that he continued psychiatric treatment, it also treats anxiety and depression, this treatment is the diagnosis of negative thoughts one after the other gradually, and is replaced by the ideas of realistic, but not easily, it may affect the social conditions surrounding the patient.


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