How to Use Facebook Ads to Grow Your Brand (Fast!)

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    In this video you’re going to learn how to use Facebook ads to grow your brand in a way that actually works in fact I’ve used this strategy to generate over 60,000 likes for my Facebook page and build a nine thousand person community outside of Facebook both of which generate thousands of leads and sells my business every year I’m Ben Heath the founder and CEO of leaker which is a london-based digital marketing agency and today I’m going to walk you through the process that I used to build that following and grow my brand step by step keep watching when I first started my digital marketing agency I found it really difficult to get new clients which was quite embarrassing because I was trying to sell digital marketing services I knew that Facebook would be a great place for me to find new clients but I was going about it the wrong way I tried directly advertising my services to complete strangers which did not work I even gave away free consulting sessions in the hope that people would then use my services which barely worked and at the time I couldn’t work out why my Facebook ad campaigns weren’t working I already understood the Facebook advertising platform because I had run successful Facebook advertising campaigns at my previous jump and I knew that if the digital marketers I follow used as like mine they would generate tons of clients and then it hit me the reason why those ads would work for the digital marketers that I followed but weren’t working for me is because they had a following and I didn’t I consumed their content on a regular basis and so did thousands of other people and that meant that every time they promoted their products or services on Facebook they had a queue of people that were ready and willing to buy and pay really high prices so I switched nearly all of my facebook advertising efforts to building my brand instead of looking to directly acquire new customers and that’s when everything started to change for my business the truth is if you can build a strong brand and a loyal following everything else in your business will become so much easier and Facebook is the perfect platform to grow your brand now I should warn you you will need to invest some time and a bit of money up front but I can tell you the potential rewards are enormous since those early days I have learned how to use Facebook to build my brand and I’ve refined my strategy into a three-stage process I call this three-step process the CBR method and now it’s time to walk you through the steps c stands for content and creating epic content is step one in the CPR method think about the people that are well-known in your industry most of them would have become well-known because they have created really high quality content but here’s the thing just because you’re creating content on a regular basis doesn’t mean your brand will grow mediocre content will not grow your brand only epic content will fortunately creating epic content is not as hard as you think the first thing you need to do is decide whether you’re going to entertain or educate with your content this will of course depend on your business and the industry it is it for most service based businesses I think it makes more sense to educate because as a service provider you know things that your target market would like to know and that’s exactly what I’m doing here with this video for most product based businesses on the other hand it makes more sense to entertain just think of all the companies that have built their brands with entertaining TV ads you can do exactly the same with Facebook one of the best examples on I’ve seen of this is Donna beard Club check out their videos on YouTube to see how they use entertaining videos to sell their beard products really well obviously you can create epic content in a number of different mediums but for Facebook video is my favorite because people can consume my videos right there on the platform they don’t need to leave Facebook and in my experience the key to creating truly high quality content is to spend a lot of time on it and I mean a lot of time it takes at least 20 hours of total work for me to create a really high quality 10-minute video now I know everyone is busy and you couldn’t commit that much time to creating content on a weekly or even a monthly basis and that’s okay if spending more time on your content means that you produce less content that’s absolutely fine it’s much better to produce 60 pieces of content a year that are outstanding than 50 pieces that are mediocre let’s move on to step number two B which stands for brand awareness campaigns just because you produce epic content doesn’t mean people are going to see it organic traffic on Facebook is no longer a thing there are just too many advertisers one would Facebook put your content in someone’s Facebook newsfeed all free when someone will pay to put their content there so if you want people to see your content on Facebook you’re going to have to advertise it and because Facebook is the greatest online advertising platform ever created they have a campaign type that’s specifically designed for that purpose it’s called a brand awareness campaign brand awareness campaigns are designed to help advertisers find people that are most likely to recall their ads and that’s exactly what you’re looking for you want people to recall your content and your brand because people that remember your epic content are going to pay close attention when you release new pieces of content and when you promote your products and services with your brand awareness campaigns I think it’s best to start by identifying a few targeting options that are closely related to your products and services and consistently promoting content to those people for our clients I will often take 10 to 20 percent of their total budget and dedicate that to these cold audience brand awareness campaigns but in order for someone to become a fan of yours they will need to consume multiple pieces of content with brand awareness consistency really is key which means you should also create brand awareness campaigns that target warmer audiences I found the best one audiences to target with your brand awareness campaigns our website custom audiences and page engagement custom audiences how much money you spend on these warm audience brand awareness campaigns depends on how large your custom audiences are if you’re just getting started then these custom audiences will be small and you’ll have to use a small budget however if you already have a large following then you should spend a much larger proportion of your total budget on these warm audience brand awareness campaigns and to help you craft highly effective Facebook ads I’ve created a five-part Facebook ad template that you can download right now for free this Facebook ad template includes some of the best performing ads we’ve created for our clients in a number of different industries and it will show you exactly how to create Facebook ads just head over to lead guru code at UK and you can download it there for free let’s move on to the third and final step in the CPR method which is repeat this step could not be more simple but it’s such an important part of using Facebook ads to grow your brand that I had to give it its own step the sea beyond ethic will massively reduce the time it’s for you to grow your brand but even so you cannot grow a large brand in a couple of weeks it does take a few months for you to really see the benefits of your brand awareness campaigns and the longer you use the CBR method the more of an effect it will have a year from now it’ll be making a much bigger difference to your business than in three months time and in three to five years time you could be astounded at the size of your following and the massive impact that has on your business because of that it’s really important that you keep repeating steps 1 & 2 keep creating epic content even if you can’t do so very often and keep those brand awareness campaigns running even if it’s only with a tiny budget if you liked this video make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel right now just click on the subscribe button also if you want to know how to create a specific online sales funnel for your business I’ve recently created a free mini class called four steps to a perfect online sales funnel you can watch it right now for free by heading over to Ben Heath now I want to turn it over to you are you going to create educational or entertaining content for your brand awareness campaigns let me know by leaving a comment below right now you

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