Is there a new Samsung Galaxy coming out?

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    Samsung Galaxy X – Foldable phone :

    Launched the rumors about the launch of the Samsung version (Galaxy X), and the telephone flexible and folding and bending. Phone mythic.

    As for the supplier firm to launch Phone X, it’s what we don’t know specifically until now.

    Our search and we looked at all the leaks that talked about the copy phone, and a folding Samsung, since 2011 until now, it has the latest leaks that the phone will carry the name (Galaxy X).

    We heard initially about the intentions of Samsung to the global device name (Project Valley), and then define other reports on the call (the Winner), that we learned from CEO of Samsung that the device will be ready by the end of 2018.

    When will be launched (Galaxy X)? How much would be its price?

    As we already said, the executive director announced that the Samsung Phone X will be ready by the end of 2018.

    It is expected that Samsung is unveiling its new phone on the day of 7 November, which will be the date of its development.

    Other reports talked about the possibility not to offer the phone for sale until 2019.

    In spite of this, will be announced in advance, it is likely also to be for sale globally, only to then.

    As for the price of the Samsung Galaxy X, some analysis indicated that approximately 1850 USD for the device.

    Leaks and news about Samsung Galaxy X.

    In November 2017 see our fact possible Samsung Galaxy X, what is revealed about the similarity between it and the model of the Samsung UI.

    Half of the Interface Width for each of them different, instead of making icons larger or smaller.

    The interface of the new phone showed neater and focused, it gave us an initial look for the form of the design of the phone as a whole.

    What looks like a laptop, depending on the presence of another screen where you can put the keyboard.

    At the beginning of 2018, claimed a source from the source that the company will begin production of the device -which will display screen 7.3 inch in the month of November 2018, will be in December/January or at the beginning of 2019, which effectively corresponds to permit, the executive director of the company DJ ko.

    And, apparently, the initial results of the device showing the behind-the-scenes at the global innovation conference (CES 2018), which was in January of the same year.

    In the month of May of 2018, we got news that Samsung changed the name of the phone from the (Valley) to the (Winner), and that the final version of the phone will consist of three screens for each of which displays a 3.5-inch, which can be opened to keep the size close to the size of the version tablet (Tablet), close it like a book.

    Will be the screen of the device ready by November 2018, as Samsung designed battery curved shape of the device, with a capacity ranging from 3 thousand to 6 thousand Milli-amp hours.

    The activates the device in February 2019, at a conference of the Mobile World (MWC).

    Recently, we got another rumor, namely that the device (Galaxy F), which are also likely to be the absolute on the phone instead of the (Galaxy X), will own the storage space provided Be GB, dual-card operation, you can the model number (SM-F900U).

    And, apparently, that his operating system is still under test which is an indication that the device will be released soon.

    Samsung Galaxy X: eight years of work

    The idea of the phone rollaway is not the moment for Samsung, it has the company offered a model of the same idea earlier in 2011.

    Although the model looked weird and bulky, but it worked to a certain stage.

    The machine work with high efficiency to the limit of 100 thousand the process of folding, there has been a decrease in the brightness of the screen in the middle by 6%.

    Why not model this for the country, but to signify the importance of the idea when Samsung, about a year after, the company launched a video presentation (supplied) for your mobile phone flexible and foldable and also.

    For this model the ability to introverted of the size of the mobile device normal to the size of the tablet.

    This was a declaration about the aspirations of Samsung in designing its future, and we can say that the Galaxy X would be advanced much more than the previous model mentioned, would be the device is a folded screen that simple.

    But the right to say that the vision is interesting.

    With the start of Samsung’s hard work on the production of a device with excellent specifications along with our ability to enclose, and faced many problems in the design.

    Have reported these problems in a report published at the end of 2012, and the problems are resolved before 2013.

    Despite all the dilemmas and challenges in the application of Samsung’s vision for the future, the company published a video that is illustrative of another look by the phone, foldable, made of plastic, thin, light and flexible which makes it retractable or lap.

    By the end of 2012, showed another report that the Samsung -apparently – overcome the problems of the design of the device is required, namely on the problem of the design of the plastic flexible company which was in the stages of development of the latter, it was believed that the end device in mid-2013.

    Out design the company’s new -flexible – work the actual world in the global innovation conference (CES 2013), and named it (Youm).

    But it was clear that Samsung was somewhat far from the use of this design in the hardware business, and will need more modification and design, which confirmed it is the discovery of a new flaw in design in April 2013.

    Assuming that Samsung has finished the previous disadvantages, the problem that appeared is a problem in the packaging technique, which in turn protects the screen from moisture and air and their negative impact.

    And, actually, we could say that the earliest mobile phone idea phone folding is the model (the Galaxy Round).

    Although different from the models promoted, it have a curved screen, which is a wonderful step in the correct path.

    The idea of a curved screen may layer on several products of Samsung, such as Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S9, so the idea palatable to the OSCE for its professionalism, high.

    Despite all of the above, the dream screen folded is still far away.

    Although the administration of Samsung has promised to produce phone retractable and flexible with the end of 2014, the world is still waiting for even a moment.

    The development of it in 2015 when the spread of a rumor talking about the production of the phone under the name (Project Valley) and you can page flex that talked about the Samsung.

    As rumored also that the phone will have two screens, and is still under development and improvement, which means spending a great time until the product shows to the world, if it originally appeared.

    Then in September 2015, identify the source internal to the phone rollaway will appear soon, in the beginning of 2016.

    It was not clear if it is the same project which has already exited the rumors about it or not, but what was sure is that it will gold owners expected high, and in the end I didn’t see this product light.

    Then in May of 2016, I got the previous project mentioned on the new name, not a Galaxy X, which safe everyone that will be the name that will apply to the new phone.

    And according to some reports, the Galaxy X will be refreshed in 2017, with the option of our capacity to fold with 4K projection technology, at a rate to keep the high display quality even when folded or closed.

    As usual, we were suspicious about the credibility of the news, and we are now in 2018 and no sign yet.

    But increased hope about the topic when Samsung showcased at the conference (SID) 2016 technology roll width sequential – but it didn’t have touch screen, which -simply put – Will the concept of the smartphone.

    Then came the rumors in the month of June 2017, when it indicated some interested in the subject to the likelihood of the return of the idea and its application in the same year with two different a bit, as the Galaxy X.

    Part, will be your one and convert it from the phone 5 inches to 8, just as the video that we presented by Samsung at the beginning of our article, while the third will pack the makeup, opens from the middle and wash.

    Although 2017 is not over by any thing, except that Samsung -apparently – was on the proper way to put a new patent to the world – how it is possible to design folding apparatus without causing damage to the interior?

    Can be described the project as”muscle industry”, which move with the movement of the zone of folding to avoid damage to moving from the inside.

    Several parties of the “glimpses”of what could be the Galaxy X, and in truth most of these designs were not practical, and in the end this may be the profiles, similar to the design of surprise from Samsung.

    One of the information that I knew recently that phone X will look quite different from what mentioned above.

    May looks like a phone (ZTE Axon M), which was launched in the year 2017.

    According to some sources, he was supposed to ask a certain number of the new product, then was told that the plan changed, then again, dilemmas technical hurdle Samsung basic.

    He said its engineers from Samsung, that the foldable device wasn’t made yet, but they have some time because the other products sold relatively well.

    They also say that the technical problems could be solved by the middle of next year.

    He stated recently the city of Samsung that progress, and that they would receive the phone that is desirable in 2018, as they overcame some technical problems.

    Then he also stated that the goal of the company is essential making quality products, value and use what drives them, what it means in another language: we should wait more to see the Samsung Galaxy X!


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