Learn drawing for beginners

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    Owns some asset the apostles were born, they’ve made a hobby of occupying themselves in leisure, or they develop this hobby and they add it to become the professional they need, and it seems a lot of people about the hobby and new to them, and many of them are into the hobby of drawing.

    without having enjoyed in any skill of its skills, so they may not be able to hold a pencil drawing in the right way, but with receiving a proper education and continuous training may talk to the painter, if you provide them the environment and the appropriate and fitting with unleash for themselves and their obvious creativity and painting.

    Drawing tools:

    Learn the tools used in drawing, and feel free kinds of colors between the water and oily and dry, as related to forms of feather, pens and eraser, you may not can a novice in the world of painting that is understandable at this stage, and needs of the novice so he can begin to learn the drawing to the pencil-type HB, and the paper of the drawing preferably using drawing paper normal eraser, normal or eraser charcoal.

    Learn the basics of drawing Campaign pen Choose a way to carry the pen with the aim of drawing on the campaign pen order to write, needs to carry a pen to write to tighten the muscles of the hand and in the son, either carry a pen to answer the needs to the relaxation in the muscles of the hands.

    With agitated gently lightness and freedom while drawing, and pencil drawing or brush painting from the middle, to facilitate the move freely in all directions, leaving the area of the wrist to move freely, and raises the pen in the hand of the middle of it between thumb and middle, with the installation of the index finger on the back of the pen, with a view to its use in the pressure on the pencil to lighten the color or to trust it, With the guidance of the pen using the muscles of the shoulder and arm, the feel of the pen when you carry it to drawing with paper a sharp angle towards the painter.

    Drawing It is preferable to identify a simple shape to start though, and as such, draws the outer frame of the vehicle, by drawing a large square is committed to the area of the bottom two rectangular and two long, taking into account the Specify measurements and distances of various Square and rectangle are suitable.

    If what I wanted to paint the car so as to be close to the eye let it be their large size, as if what I wanted to draw her away from the eye so be it its size small, as you can avoid the use of the eraser is repeated in the correction of lines wrong, and through drawing lines of light-colored modification the lines of a darker shade, You can control the dimensions of the vehicle through the select lines to the vehicle’s interior color darker than the angles and lines of the interior look even more outstanding.

    Ways to learn drawing:

    Drawing The drawing is one of the most important arts that accept humans, it is the art of all shows talent, creativity and unparalleled in terms of the ability to get rid, hand controls, employing artistic elements with each other, and the painter is someone who is able to integrate their art with each other, in order to bring out a painting sequence kernels, as it is someone with a great sense of due to being finished works of Art All.

    Before proceeding to talk about ways to learn drawing, is first talk about the tools that can be used in order to start drawing, the most important instrument of tools to start drawing the pencil, which varies in degree between dark and light, in addition there are what you know the Pens graphite pure, and consisting entirely from carbon without entering the timber.

    Other tools of drawing tools, an eraser, and tools to distribute the shadows as cloth, lead, cotton, tools, bric pens, and papers used for drawing, all of these tools are very important for the drawing, and learning.

    Easy Ways to learn drawing:

    To learn painting you can follow the following steps, beginning even simple Can the painter have access to a degree where he could a drawing from the imagination.

    Should first determine the shape of the sperm drawing it, it should be this shape from the simple shapes of non-knowledge that facilitate the process of the beginning of the drawing, wherein preferably The Shape Of Stereo-specific ribs, corners and borders, in order to adjust the drawing process of network optimization, the number of horses from the beginning may not help the painter is great to learn the process of painting.

    The beginning of the drawing must be a pencil of light, which can erase lines drawn with great ease and without that there remains no trace in the paper.

    Understanding shape and dimensions as desired in order to be diverse and fun, and can be Painter to submit his paper that sends them to the boxes sent by her light also, and after you finish the painting process.

    You must know the places of shadow and light in the body of the decree in order to drop it on the drawing, are shade places are dark in the unlit in the body, the places of light are places of dark or dark in the body, when you drop the light on the painting leaves the brightly lit, as when you drop back, you should take into account the severity and the frequency.

    After completion of the drawing should be reviewed and scrutinized and look for places that you need to modify and arrange for it to be ready for action.

    Steps to drawing with a Pencil:

    Choose the right pen

    Helps to choose the right pen during the process of drawing in to get the best possible result, there are many types of pencils used in drawing, and classified according to hardness and color tone, the Viola pencils (9H) sharp and bright color, which match degree with the nature of the technical drawing, pencils (9B) soft and color gloomy, and it is recommended using pencils of degree (2B) or (3B) when you follow the steps to learn drawing for the first time.

    Wild pen and processing Should keep a pen and turreted always sharp when painting, while avoiding overuse it so as not to be consumed more than necessary, it is possible to rub the pencil with the parties to the paper to sharpen it a bit, and use a more softer when you need to draw a line dim the color, taking into account that the Pens are soft and become blunt quickly upon frequent use.

    Hold the pen right.

    There are different ways to catch the killer, since each method has a specific role in the process of drawing, and full training on these roads to get good, pay attention to where you begin to identify the lines of the drawing, both of the fingers, or wrist, or shoulder.

    Drawing without looking at Paper

    The drawing is without looking at the paper of exercises common to master the use of lead in the paint, on the way to put purpose to draw the front of the paper and install the pen over it.

    Then look into the body from all angles of the phenomenon, and move the hand to coincide with the movement of the eyes without looking at the paper, it may seem the drawing is weird at first, but with repetition of the exercise back of the hand and to work together at the same time.

    The benefits of drawing

    indead You can use the pencil of the painter of the survey errors easily and without fear of its perpetration, where it is used to create the preliminary sketches for painting, in addition to pencils are inexpensive, and affordable, and available to everyone, as it is but the smell irritating as some colors and paints.

    How can I learn drawing easily:

    Prepare a drawing of the most beautiful ways of self-expression as well as development and creativity, it is used in many cases as a means of helping to treat depression or anxiety or other mental illness, and periodically helps to relax and focus, increase creativity and for thinking outside the box and innovative, especially in children, and the progress indicator of the nation creativity and rid set thought and culture ahead of time.

    Drawing tools Even learn to draw for the first time

    without any experience or knowledge of precedent, it is something that needs to make some effort also needs to learn anything else in this life, and does not need material or tools a lot to start learning drawing, but on the contrary the frequent tools of the painter and the novice may be confused.

    Every thing you need to start is a pencil plain paper, you can use any type of paper you have available, and of course you’ll need a pencil sharpener for a pencil and an eraser that wasn’t the end of a pen with one.

    Remember that any painter whatever content has started with these tools

    Don’t Chu yourself

    since the beginning of the types of pens of different types, different paper and do not need any tools to blend at first, nor for any Special eraser.

    Learning to write again:

    Put in the minds of many that the graphic requires being a talent from the outset, this is not entirely true, and even respond to this idea, you can look at the drawing on it looks like software engineering, medicine or pharmacy, history or other, you don’t expect to be a doctor like gifted children before they go to university and study medicine!

    As well as Software Architect and other disciplines, what is required to learn any new knowledge is the object of Desire first – you can’t access the workmanship in case you are forced to learn by the third required to download a new battle is training replays and zoom, and go here anyone know him, think that he possessed a talent for drawing you will see that it draws heavily from a young age and therefore is flows the and be professional even gained became in its current form.

    Drawing is like writing to a large extent as related to the forms of the various letters in Arabic or English, then you learn to repeat and even its reservation and become easier for you and become faster with it and you can write beautifully coordinated different than the line that started it in the first grade, and also remember the amount of repetitions that he has even reached your speed and skill and”talent” present in the writing.

    Start with the basics for beginners:

    As you learn characters by writing a novel or a poem, you must learn the basic shapes by drawing them large and complex, and all you need here is a normal pencil and paper: Draw a circle The Shape of a cube.

    Prepared the circle

    but this time take your time and they are slower and focus more. Prepared the circle again, and this time to notice the details well-known that form the circle shapes, the cube, look at the circle that draw a previously analysed the bug with my own eyes, see to the warp in which you try to put the point of the centre remarked that the centre point you have may not be on flat areas from all directions of curve of the circle.

    Send the circuit a few times and take your time in it as that takes you draw the circle “almost perfect” five minutes or more, don’t stop while drawing the focus means relaxation and tranquility, and do not press on the pen while drawing as it does the first grade students, but sent the lines as light as possible so you can erase and edit if I see the need for it. Repeat the circle drawing several times noted an improvement in the curve of the circle you have on the first circle you Drew, and circles of sizes and diameters, and also remember to send the least possible pressure on the pen and focused and relaxed, and if you find that you’re starting to expect it can take a break away from the pen and paper for ten minutes, then go back to training again, you should not wipe out the entire chamber if you notice a flaw or warp in which it tried to erase the part that contains the background only prepared to draw it calmly and without pressure on the pen.

    Repeat all the previous steps to draw a cube, but when checking noticed the properties that must be available in the cube, try to be your lines straight as much as possible, you don’t have to be your lines like a ruler, but there must be deviated clear, as well as trained to draw parallel lines “don’t pick up no matter how extended it” and that the report of the corners.

    This will be training hard in the early days, but the goal is to draw lines (similar to line Large more than line of writing Little), and you can notice the shift between the first shape drawn by another form of a drawing, and training on the foundations of drawing, which is drawing steady curve without crooked, and straight and parallel and fit in length.

    Then you can use simple geometric shapes that are trained to draw simple graphics for a start and then flow to the hardest fact you can find drawings on the search engine google images to search for “line art table” like for the lines and curves that you learned in the previous steps, or search for “line art fruits” such as or other fees simple.

    Repeat the same simple drawing again and again until the speaking of the apostles, as in the previous steps.


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