Samsung Galaxy Tab (Wi-Fi)

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab (Wi-Fi)

    samsung galaxy tab1. Product description

    Gadgets are the best technology which were developed early 2010 with multiple capabilities and function, the new technology is beyond the mobile phone and laptop technology. Samsung Galaxy Tab (WI-FI) is the first development in Samsung family. Samsung Galaxy Tab (Wi-Fi) is one of the best products for entertainment at home and outdoor. These are so enriched and small that facilitate in portability and consistency in operation. Light weight and features vibrant with touch screen display are its unique characteristics. It has 3D graphics speedy Microsoft processor up to 1GHZ with operating system build in Android 2.2 with best factor combination. It built on the integrated technology help to access the popular search engine with one touch screen method, also facilitate its pre-formulated android system to identify the various applicants and other entertainment facilities.

    2-Technical Details

    Technical details of Samsung Galaxy Tab (WI-FI) are there to build the operating system on the Android Froyo having 2.2, central processing unit with 1 GHZ cortex processing capacity. Better with Li polymer is to support the system for longer time and continuity. Internal and external memory internal encompass the 16GB data capturing facility while the external abounds to 32GB expansion depends upon the slots system which the main characteristics of this system. Internet sharing and connectivity made possible via WI-FI and data sharing with USB, Bluetooth for videos, audio sharing and sometimes internet connectivity. For entertainment audio, video and MP3 are there for entertainment, have best display quality with WSVGA display.

    3- Product Details

    Product description normally abounds as per the product dimension basis and its shipping weight and its model number when this model take in to consideration it has the product dimension minimum 4.7 dimension and up to 7.5 inches and weight up to 1.6 pounds, means less weight ease in portability and handling in hand. Shipping facilities are normally abounds it in local market as in the U.S. It has the ASINB004u9USEA, model number GT-P1010CWAXAR

    4- Pros

    System equipped with best qualities of operation with integrated GPS system for internet connectivity and best Android operating system, latest process based on Hummingbird processing, virtual keyboard for the data input in prompt manner and sometimes with the wireless keyboard system. And Samsung Hubs are there for social interface and connectivity to various documents and application with touch screen compatibility. Video capturing and encompasses possible with best resolution camera.

    5- Cons

    Samsung Galaxy Tab (Wi-Fi)are the as it has the larger display for reading books and magazines but have the delicacy to support the reader’s Hub.USB are basically for data sharing but missing the proprietary connector.These application are no doubt best been manipulated with essential feature but some of them lacking the capability in display version.

    6- Conclusion

    As this product fulfills with maximum capabilities and features so there is recommendation for its purchase and sustainability, these applications are more effective than the Ipad; these should be update with maximum capabilities and qualities.

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab (Wi-Fi)



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