The characteristics of new iphone 5

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    iPhone 5S in three colorsThere is a new version of iphone in the market known as Apple iphone 5. Most of the people have surprised from the Apple iphone features and pricing. Even though it is new launched still there is no any kind of official information about it but most of the people are familiar with it and it has become the source of gossips between the people. It was launched in the summer season of the year 2011. In the next month of this year the new model of iphone will be released. In the next version the problem of antenna will be solved and it will be most advanced version.

    The Apple will correct all the problems which are found in the iphone4. It has been proved that Apple iphone 5 has a lot of qualities and has a great operating system which is also known as iOS5. It is able to access at networks of 4G. It also has too much fast processor and has the capacity of 1.5 GHz. The battery life of it is above than 14 hours. The iphone’s fifth model generation will also carry additional function. In the earlier models video chat does not make without Wi-Fi. But with the help of groundbreaking face recognition technology as well as high resolution of videos has made it possible as a new feature in the iphone 5.

    There is a feature which is introduced in iphone 5 is RFID; it is an abbreviation of Radio frequency identification it would be a good addition you will found in this iphone. You can use it as a payment tool or as a credit card. If you forgot about checkout then will have to wait for your turn then you can use Apple iphone 5. The other feature of iphone 5 is that it has a large memory such as 64 GB because iphone has memory about 16 GB or 2GB but most of the people are not agreed on it so in the next version the memory of the iphone 5 in increased.

    There is 8 megapixels of camera in Apple iphone 5 which is most powerful. It has a fantastic screen and its screen is made up scratched proof material and it is shiny and made up of black glass piece. The users of iphone 5 are able to make the use of different tones for numerous email accounts. It also has true GPS. The last feature of Appleiphone 5 is that it has an excellent battery life. Its battery is forty percent better than that of the iphone 4. You does not need to worry about it price because it is not expensive. Its price is near about the price of iphone4.

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