The treatment of allergies and Itching

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    How do I stop itching from allergies?

      Sensitive skin Think of the problem of sensitivity of most skin problems are common in men and women, causing them a lot of anxiety and inconvenience it gave rise to a desire to itchiness and the Pussycat and resulting from chemical changes accompany the appearance of warts have, is considered as a side show facilities disease with a rash or another disease in the body, we will learn through this article for more details about the disease and how to treat it.

      Causes of allergies and itching:

      Addressing the causes of sensitive skin exciting to be one of the most important of these reasons:

      The incidence of some skin diseases, among the most prominent skin conditions that provoke skin allergies and cause itching:
      .Medications skin rash.
      .Bugs head.
      .The fungal infection.
      .Skin dryness and facilities to work in.
      .Other diseases such as:
      -Pregnancy associated with blockage in the cystic duct.
      -Virus hepatitis C.
      -Malfunction of the thyroid gland.
      -Renal failure.
      -Pills pregnancy.
      -Diseases of the blood.
      -Tumors and lymph nodes.
      -External causes:
      .Increased secretions ethnic.
      .Direct exposure to sunlight.
      .Allergic reactions resulting from eating certain foods.
      .Intake of medicines.
      .Insect bites.
      .The sensitivity of the skin resulting from the cold.
      Symptoms Knit at the four corners of the body and severity in the late night hours.

      The spread of the rash on the hands, and men.
      Show the sensitivity of either circular or shaped lines of red color on the place of the injury.

      Can make the treatment of allergies and get rid of some of the recipes and home remedies, most notably:

      • Oats:
        it is not only a healthy food in proportion with all the categories, it enters in the preparation of lotions customized to soothe and hydrating the skin, it has studies indicated that oat one of most safe products to treat skin itching whatever the reason for their appearance can be.

      The use of oatmeal powder by adding it to the cold bathtub and move the body, can also use soap to oatmeal for the same purpose.

      • Paper jellies and aloe vera and menthol:

      most vocals gel, has proven effective in the treatment of skin allergies and itching resulting, particularly allergies caused by the sun’s Rays, insect bites, and can extract the gel by cutting the leaves of aloe vera leaves and herb menthol and jellies on the place of the injury.

      • Ice cubes:
        The ice cubes or a damp cloth with cold water on the place of sensitivity in order to numb the skin and banish the desire to itch, with the need for attention, put hot water; because it increases the sensitivity and.
      • Use moisturizers higher to moisturize the skin and protect it from dehydration which is one of the causes of injury.
      • Antihistamines:

      one of the substances causing the allergy symptoms such antibiotics used in the treatment of diseases of the psoriasis, eczema, insect bites, and is suitable for all ages.

      • Used to treat sensitive skin lotions in the industry enters a material lideres its effectiveness to soothe the skin.

      The treatment of skin allergies:

      Sensitive skin Sensitive skin is a process of interaction between the skin and some of the external factors, often as a result of these allergic reactions rash, redness and itching.

      and can divide skin allergies into three sections namely,

      .acute allergies; these allergies result from exposure of an individual to pollutants internal or external, and is this allergy by the appearance of itchy rash, it produces this delicacy of fat skin one of the kinds of creams,
      .or due to eating certain foods like eggs, allergies, chronic; this sensitivity appears to have beauty and last a long time, the causes of this type of allergy is unknown.

      .the sensitivity of the skin friction; and This type of allergy appears as a result of skin friction with certain materials that cause no irritation like; cementSoap and chemicals,

      there are many ways that help the individual get rid of these allergies are annoying.

      Treatment of allergic skin:

      Medical methods:

      Determine the cause of the allergies and get away from him, for example, if the cause of allergies to certain foods like dairy would prefer to stay away from them, if the cause of allergies type of accessory you should avoid wearing it.

      Treatment using medicines and medical drugs:

      there are two types of drugs used in the treatment of allergies, namely, anti-histamine and that the additives be in the form of tablets, and in the form of ointments topical, FDA place of derivatives of cortisol, that lotions be either in the form of injections, ointments, or disks, this type of treatment provides comfort quickly of allergic reactions.

      • Roads normal Drink a tea of nettle soup, and this guy put some of this plant in the tea decoction, or taking capsules of Nettle, this plant from natural substances effective significantly in getting rid of allergy symptoms.
      • Apply a paste of oatmeal on the skin of the affected part with allergies, this dough is made from the by adding two cups of oatmeal to the appropriate amount of warm water, so as to alleviate allergies and itching also.
      • Eating honey or mixture of honey and water works to rid the body of allergies.
      • Soak the affected area sensitive with a solution of baking soda for an hour, and then left the in the open air until it dries permanently, and the a solution of baking soda, by adding a cup of baking soda to the amount of warm water, it is possible to apply a paste of soda on the place of government, even get rid of them once and for all.
      • The application of aloe vera on sensitive places of the skin, as the rich many of the defining elements of the government, as they limit the degree of skin infections.
      • Rub the affected areas with fruits because they possess very effective in the treatment of sensitive skin, soothe itching, especially watermelon rinds and banana.

      How to treat sensitive skin:

      Allergy in general is the interaction of the body or one of its members to external stimulation, resulting in a set of signs and symptoms are different, for example, the person may develop sensitivity of the skin that produce some of the symptoms that lead to discomfort and discomfort in some cases pain, are redness, rashes; fortunately you can treat this type of allergy effectively, especially after learning about the main reason for their occurrence.

      The main symptoms of sensitive skin:

      • Severe itching in the whole body or some its parts, and that situation at night.
      • The appearance of a rash on the whole body or some its parts in two and men.
      • Redness of the skin in the affected areas with allergies this redness in the form of lines or circles or red spots only.

      Causes of sensitive skin:

      Injury to a person some skin diseases that cause intense itching, such as scabies, or lice (lice), or eczema, or allergies cleansing atopic, skin rashes, which appears when taking some types of medicines.

      Injury the person certain diseases that may infect the internal organs of the body as clogged the cystic duct,

      infection with C,

      lack of or increased secretion of thyroid hormone,

      iron deficiency (anemia),

      and the incidence of diabetes.

      The impact of external causes on the body such as the exposure to direct sunlight, or use certain types of products or new, or exposure to extreme cold.

      Factors that increase the sensitivity of the skin

      Heavy sweating,

      exposure to direct sunlight for long times without any protection.

      Eating certain types of food like fruit mango, or citrus, or eggs.

      Eating some types of medications that increase the government.

      Treatment of allergic skin:

      The treatment of skin allergies should be prescribed after reviewing the competent doctor.

      There are a lot of reasons to infection and to know why describe the appropriate treatment, but can reduce the skin allergies and symptoms by following these tips:

      Avoid the use of allergens such as if they are the cause of the government, and not taking medications that cause the appearance of allergy or increase.

      Use moisturizing creams and soothing to the body as vehicles that contain: zinc oxide, it can, and glycerol.

      Wear comfortable clothes and cotton to minimize irritation of the skin, and avoid extreme sweating.

      Avoid all things that increase the irritation of the skin, perfume, and cosmetics.

      Avoid the itchiness and the Pussycat as much as possible, eliminate skin allergies, can cover the place that cause the government to cut the nail too.

      Use some anti-allergy medications after consulting a pharmacist or doctor, they are hiding the symptoms.

      Treat sensitive skin with Honey:

      Sensitive skin:

      Infect the sensitive skin of persons of all ages, and types of which infect certain areas without the other in the body, such as infect the whole body.

      Cause allergies and itching:

      with reddening of the skin, sometimes appear red pills to the affected skin, and vary the degree of itching associated with allergies from person to person, and more types of allergies are common are called

      Hives, which may indicate this type of sensitivity to infection with a member of another, as this type may require and becomes chronic, but not necessarily.

      We will talk here about the causes of sensitive skin and how can be honey to treat this problem.

      The causes of sensitive skin Sun exposure in the summer.

      Change of weather especially the autumn period; the cause of this period, the dryness of the skin.

      The use of certain products that contain chemicals.

      The use of cosmetic tools unsecured, as well as some types of perfume.

      Taking certain medications that have side effects on the skin. A defect in the secretion of the thyroid gland. Severe sweating.

      Infection with SLE, may be accompanied by itching and sensitivity in the skin.

      Infection one of the skin diseases which are accompanied by a sensitivity to the skin such as eczema, fungi, psoriasis.

      Eating certain foods that may cause allergies such as eggs.

      Allergy caused by wearing clothing made of nylon, wool, and Silk.

      Contact with some plants, or the bite of some insect.
      Allergy symptoms:

      Change the color of the affected area; wherein the color tends to red.

      The appearance of a rash and sometimes climbing.
      Treatment of allergic skin:

      Considered a sign of sensitive skin on the cause that led to the injury; i

      f some types of foods the actual source to avoid eating allergenic foods,

      the cleaning materials must wear gloves when you use them or buy the materials to clean is less harmful,

      as there are many pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment will be in pill form or in the form of ointment is applied to affected areas.

      In cases of incurable and chronic allergy the doctor gives the patient a pill for allergies contain cortisol,

      and reduced cortisol gradually after a certain period determined by the physician.

      . Treat sensitive skin with Honey:

      As for how to use honey in the treatment of sensitive skin Vita in two ways:

      Connect the affected areas of the skin with a piece of cloth greased with work and put it on the affected area to mitigate infiltration of the skin.

      the honey to give the skin radiance and softness natural.

      it also helps in tightening loose skin, and chapped lips.

      say the skin irritation whatever its cause.

      . Drink two parameters of honey daily on an empty stomach, this helps in the elimination of many skin problems and skin.


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