Unleashing 6 Important Tips to Learn Guitar Faster Than Your Friends

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    If you’ve been struggling with the guitar, chances are that you’ve sat and thought about how you can possibly learn guitar faster. Think about if you were to go up against some of your friends that learn the guitar. Wouldn’t you want the power to school them on a few riffs while they struggling through “Hot Cross Buns”?

    The reason that most beginning guitarists start losing their momentum is because they think that they have to rely on their own skills and ingenuity alone to learn the guitar when that just isn’t the case. Here is a quick list of things that you should try in order to put yourself ahead of others that are learning the guitar at the same time as you.

    1. Take private lessons.

    Having a one on one instructor is an extremely beneficial step you can take towards being a great guitarist. Yes, they can become a bit pricey, but with just a few conversations and run-throughs of tunes you actually want to learn, you can be busting out radio hits while your buds are still stuck in the song books.

    2. Learn from video tutorials.

    There’s more information available on the internet than ever before along with easy to understand guitar skill tutorials. Just about anything that you can imagine learning on the guitar can be found in only a few minutes on any popular video website.

    Make sure to check out some guitar blogs as well since they seem to contain plenty of videos and audio clips that can help you learn guitar faster.

    3. Study from a guitar book.

    Those dusty old things that come from the library are still pretty popular believe it or not. The beauty of books is that you can take them any place that a computer can’t go.

    Take a hike down to your local library or book store and just browse through the giant selection about instruments and guitars to see what you can find.

    4. Join a band and struggle through it.

    Sometimes the best way to learn something is by struggling until you get it, and joining a band is one of the best ways to struggle. If you’re interested in learning guitar faster than your friends and being able to be in the spotlight, see if a couple of your buds want to start a band and try your skills in some talent shows and local competitions.

    5. Learn from another friend that actually knows how to play.

    I’m sure that you know somebody who already knows how to play the guitar, but you haven’t picked their brain yet. Well, the next time that you give that guy a call, ask them if they can give you any pointers or tips as to how to improve your skills.

    6. Take online guitar lessons.

    Probably the most effective way to learn guitar faster than your friends is by taking online guitar lessons. Now, all the other options already mentioned are a great starting point, but taking the initiative with online courses can do some really important things to benefit your skills.

    * They’ll teach you about tempo and rhythm.

    * You’ll learn proper posture and how to hold your instrument correctly.

    * You’ll find out how to increase your playing speed gradually to impress the crowd.

    * Online courses will turn you into a smooth player where chord and single-note transitions are not a problem in the least.



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