UPS for a gaming computer: IPPON Back Basic 1050

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    There is a common opinion that the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is needed only in cases where there are serious problems with power supply. If the lights in the house turned off rarely, it is to be a cheap surge protector or is it possible at all without it.

    In my opinion, this view is wrong and dangerous. According to the statistics, the problems with electricity are almost non-principal cause of failure of contemporary computers, televisions, and other home or office electronics. And if viruses that can interfere with the normal operation of the computer can be relatively painless cure, a sharp voltage drop or any other problems in the wiring can easily damage your expensive hardware, which is several times more expensive than IPB. For example, in my gaming computer, just a graphics card Colorful iGame1070 U (GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB) is more than 10 times as expensive as a home “battery backup”. I’m not talking about the AMD RYZEN 7 1700 (~ 20 thousand RUB.), motherboard, 16 GB DDR4 memory and SSD to 256 GB. In General, to risk all that for the sake of saving 3-4 thousand rubles, at least unwise. It only remained to determine the specific UPS model.

    Sources with “perfect sine wave” of the class Line-Interactive Sin or On-Line very good and provide a perfect food, but they are relatively expensive, and their capabilities are a little excessive for my tasks. For the house will fit perfectly the UPS class Off-Line, but it is better to choose a Line-Interactive with built-in voltage regulator, through which the UPS will allow you to easily survive surges without switching to battery-mode. This is especially true for conditions with unstable or low power.

    New UPS IPPON Back Basic 1050, which was selected for my computer and which is the subject of this review, can be called the most affordable  source class Line-Interactive with a maximum load capacity of 600 watts. At some point I even thought, but is it too powerful for my computer, which is under very heavy load consumes about 150 watts? Can be to take the model are weaker and cheaper? But still decided not to save what has never regretted.

    UPS for a gaming computer

    Familiarity with Basic IPPON Back 1050’ll start with its design and construction features. Actually, to say there is especially about. Minimalist black case with a single led, a power button and USB port on the front side. Keep in mind to stand under the table and not to Shine, and with this task it copes perfectly.

    UPS for a gaming computer

    For connecting computer or any other devices the UPS is equipped with three power sockets of type IEC C13. Honestly, I don’t really like IEC C13 sockets, requiring the use of IEC cable (mom-dad) and that’s that surge protector with 6 regular outlets, which will connect to UPS and the monitor, printer and other electronics. If you do not want to bother with the extra wires, you should pay attention to the exact same model “smooth” version of the EURO or Schuko, equipped with two conventional outlets.

    UPS for a gaming computer

    Let’s talk about the possibilities IPPON Back Basic 1050. In addition to high power, it has a built-in stabilizer, through which the UPS can operate over a wide voltage range from 162 to 275 In without switching to battery-mode. This is extremely important for regions with unstable voltage in the socket. If the input voltage, 10-25% above face value, then the stabilizer the output voltage is 15% above normal. The same scheme works the stabilizer in the case that the input voltage is 10-25% less than normal.

    In addition, IPPON Back Basic 1050 has a protection from momentary voltage spikes, overload and deep discharge of the battery. This is all extremely important not only from the point of view of protection of devices connected to the UPS, but also from the point of view of durability of the “UPS”.

    Very important to protect from overload, including from conditional short-circuit. If the load consumes 110% of normal, then after 5 seconds the UPS will switch off the load and go into emergency mode. If the load consumes more than 120% of the nominal value, the disconnect will occur immediately. Thus, there is the protection of the external devices from serious damages.

    It is equally important to pay attention to the function, called Green Power. If the mode of operation from the battery, the load power is too small, for example, the computer is in sleep mode, this feature automatically shuts down the UPS, thus preventing deep discharge of the battery, leading to its replacement.

    I’m not going to test IPPON Back Basic 1050 from the point of view of protection from momentary voltage spikes, stabilizer, etc. I Have no doubt as to their effectiveness. Like most users I wonder how long will last my computer from such UPS?

    In office mode,when the load on the graphics card is no load and consumes less than 100 W, IPPON Back Basic 1050 allowed 33 minutes to work without external power. At maximum load on the graphics card in PUBG, when the energy consumption increases up to 150 watts, the UPS lasted almost 6 minutes. This means that in most situations, I can do it “seamless” to survive temporary outages, to finish the rink or safe to turn off your computer.

    This is demonstrated by the following graph. The first short period of 6 minutes shows work from the battery in the game PUBG.

    It is important to note that the logic of the operation of the UPS is built in such a way that it does not drain the battery, allowing you to survive a few power outages over a short period. These two tests, I paused and again started the UPS in battery mode with computer under full load and got another 5 minutes of work.

    To make it easier to understand when power outage occurs, the UPS is equipped with beads, the frequency of which is easy to understand that it is time to perform a safe shutdown of your computer.

    Despite full autonomy, for a more full interaction with the IPPON Back Basic 1050, it is recommended to install the utility IPPON MONITOR that will warn you about critical battery charge will automatically shut down the computer, gather statistics and test UPS. In the main application window displays information about the input and output voltage, load level, current frequency, etc.

    In the settings IPPON MONITOR can be finely tuned notifications, and app actions in those or other conditions. One useful utility is the ability to perform the HTTP request with the periodicity defined in the settings. This will allow, for example,

    In conclusion, talking about the capabilities of the new UPS IPPON Back Basic 1050, I want to note that despite relatively low energy consumption of my computer, the choice is so powerful “battery backup” was more than correct. 6 minutes in the loaded game mode is not enough just to quit the game and shut down the computer, but even to without consequences to survive a power outage without leaving the ice. For me this is very important. As for 33 minutes at a load of 100 watts, then I thought not only that this is plenty of time to finish all the important things and not lose any files and data, but also about what a UPS can perfectly complement my system of the smart home, and more specifically, smart lighting system, which consumes quite a bit. Thus, IPPON Back Basic 1050 will allow half an hour to keep full coverage in the apartment, without spending a lot of money. By the way, about money. In my opinion, IPPON Back Basic 1050 more than justifies its price. 3400 rubles for a “hundred watt” UPS is a very good price tag, especially considering that it’s not just off-line device, and a full battery backup with built-in voltage stabilizer.


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