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    Considered acne from the skin diseases suffered by a lot of people, and The Shape of her cakes little bulging on the face of the human, it is also be a layer of oiliness from the outside, is considered the age of adolescence young people have more groups that can be formulated to acne, so it depends of the aesthetic problems that lead to the same situations and have the human, as that the acne does not appear only on the face but may reach regions of the chest, back, and shoulders .

    The prevention and treatment of acne

    Different methods of prevention and treatment according to the type of skin it is dry, and greasy, including sensitive skin or mixed, so we have to know the skin type before you start treatment, the means that help in the treatment of this problem, include the following:
    • Keep the face clean: use warm water in washing your face daily three times, and then wash it with soap, to remove impurities and bacteria, which can notice the face, whether you suffer from acne or don’t suffer from it.
    • Keep your face from any harm or friction may lead to the spread of bacteria, or irritation of the area of the face, by fraud, or hand lay a long time on the cheek area.
    • Do not expose your face to the sun for a long time: because the sun’s rays may cause facial redness, and irritation of the pores, it is advised to use sunscreen during sun exposure because they reduce the severity, irritability, and skin for as long as possible, but this does not mean a lack of exposure to the sun, or that sunlight is harmful.
    • In the case of the appearance of acne make sure you consult a doctor competent to do so.
    • Exercise: they work to energize the body, maintain body healthy, which is beneficial to the body fully, and to choose sports clothing in areas that will not be narrow, and the atmosphere so much, you should also shower with warm water after exercise because of the secretions of the body during performance of exercise.
    • Medical products: while there are some products you can buy from pharmacies, and by prescription written by a specialist, and to the condition of the patient, because he knows how different the quality of the skin whether it is oily or dry, or the doctor’s knowledge of drugs that may cause cases of allergies or may be doubled and increase the irritation of acne.
    • Do not touch the acne or and existing on your skin, and do not try to remove or take out its content, because it will increase the spread of the grain on your skin.
    • Use natural masks as a mask paper cabbage, and mask the garlic, and the mask of chamomile.
    • Use of certain medications known console peroxide, Al Raya, Maestrini, salicylic acid.
    • The medicinal herbs share in the treatment of acne poke lavender essential oils, and paper eucalyptus.

    Acne treatment for oily skin naturally:

    Acne for oily skin

    Is formed oily skin due to the excessive skin production of sebum from the sebaceous glands, these glands are located under the surface of the skin, and the importance of sebum to protect the skin from external factors, and installation, and may affect genetic, or hormonal changes, or stress in the increased secretion of sebum. This can be explained the appearance of acne in oily skin due to the closure of skin pores as a result of the accumulation of dead skin cells, and thus the entrapment of the oil skin, lack of exit to the surface and then infected these infected bacteria, with the promotion, and this is called acne, there are many treatments for the love of the youth of oily skin.

    Natural recipes for acne treatment for oily skin

    In comes some natural recipes to cure acne for oily skin:
    •Tea tree oil: helps tea tree oil to reduce swelling and redness; and because it contains anti-bacterial properties, anti-inflammatory, which means it gets rid of the bacteria that cause acne, comes extract tea tree in the form of creams, or gel, or oil to treat acne. The way is:[3]◦ingredients: a few drops of tea tree oil.
    A few drops of transmission oil.

    ◦How to prepare: relieves tea tree oil in bulk and oil carrier.
    Apply the oil to love.

    •Honey: the use of honey to treat skin diseases such as acne for thousands of years, where honey contains many antioxidants that remove dirt, dead skin cells from the pores of the skin, doctors use honey in wound dressings due to its processing properties, and anti-bacterial. The way is:[3]◦ingredients: the amount of natural honey.
    Piece of cotton.

    ◦How to prepare: dip a piece of cotton in honey.
    Wipe broadcast work.

    •Oatmeal: helps oatmeal to soothe irritated skin, absorb oil, skin excess, as it helps the oatmeal to exfoliate the dead skin. The way is:[2]◦ingredients: half a cup of oatmeal.
    The amount of hot water.
    A tablespoon of honey.

    ◦Control method: creates half a cup of oats with hot water; to get a paste.
    Add a tablespoon of honey to the mixture.
    Massage into the face, a mixture of oat flour for three minutes, then rinse the face with warm water.
    Leave the oatmeal for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.


    The many uses of the practice of traditional medicine garlic for treating infections, strengthening the body’s ability to fight the bacteria, where the garlic contains sulfur compounds, which have the effects of anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory natural, as can compounds organic sulfur that help strengthen the immune system, which helps the body to resist infection, can add garlic to the diet, some people eat whole garlic cloves, or rub it on toast, or make them a hot beverage, or eat the powder or garlic capsules, which can be obtained from most grocery stores and Natural Health, the But you should be careful when using garlic on the skin; it You may cause more irritability, burning the skin. The way is:[3]◦ingredients: a few cloves of garlic.
    ◦How to prepare: apply the garlic directly on the pimples.

    Note: you must be careful when using garlic on the skin because it may cause more irritability where can to burn the garlic skin.
    •Tomato mask: tomatoes contain salicylic acid, which is a sign common to get rid of acne naturally, and help the acid found in tomatoes to absorb the oil excess from the skin, and minimize pores, and the method is:[2]◦ingredients: a teaspoon of sugar.
    Core of a single grain of crushed tomatoes.

    ◦Control method: mix the ingredients with each other.
    Massage the face with circular movements.
    Leaves the mixture on the face for 5 minutes; until it dries.
    Rinse the face with warm water, and dried.

    Medical ways to treat acne for oily skin

    There are many medical ways to treat acne, including:[1]
    •Benzoyl peroxide (in English: Benzoyl peroxide): where it says to kill bacteria, and accelerate the process of cell renewal, slows down the oil production of the skin.
    •Salicylic acid (English: Salicylic acid): this acid helps get rid of blackheads, whiteheads, blackheads, reduces inflammation and swelling.
    •Azelaic acid (in English: Azelaic acid): where the protection of the cells that are the pores of the skin, reduces the growth of bacteria, and provides hyper-production of sebum.

    Tips to treat acne

    There are some important tips to deal with acne for oily skin, including:[4]
    •Clean the face regularly, it is advised to wash the face twice a day, morning and evening, use soap foam, lotion or face foundation cream, where the products that produce foam effectively get rid of the excess oil, leaving skin feel refreshed and clean, it is also important to wash the body and face after sweating a result of exertion such as exercise, it irritates the skin, activates the appearance of acne, and is recommended by excessive washing of the face because the face wash more than necessary to cause dehydration, and irritability.
    •Avoid rubbing the oily skin that suffer from acne during the peel, because rubbing the skin vigorously and frequently will make them less greasy, and will not improve acne; it will attack the skin.
    •Follow a routine for skin care dedicated for oily skin helps control significantly.
    •Use exfoliating products, or acne treatments regularly it reduces the excess oil of the skin, and reduce the size of large pores and make them look smaller.
    •The use of acetylsalicylic acid, or what is known as acid salicylates; to reduce big pores, without the need for prescription.
    •Be patient when using acne treatments because they take time, whether treatment focuses on the removal of grain, or reduce the oil production of the skin.
    •Lack of education in the hiring of a professional dermatologist if there is a need to help.

    Natural remedy for acne:


    Many people suffer from the appearance of acne in different areas of the body, especially the face, especially in teenagers due to hormonal changes at that stage, and leads the appearance of this grain to leave a scar on the face, which causes annoyance to the source, there are many ways by which you can get rid of this grain, we will in this article, methods of Natural Acne Treatment.

    Cure acne naturally:
    • Baking soda: mix equal amounts of baking soda and water until you get a paste, and then put them on the acne only, not on all face, and leave it for ten minutes, then wash face with cold water, and repeat this recipe every day.
    • Lemon juice: cut the bead of the lemon into halves, and do your face, then wash it, and put on the cream moisturizer.
    • The potato slices: cut off the love of the potatoes into slices, then put it on acne, leave it for fifteen minutes, then wash the skin with lukewarm water.
    Apple cider vinegar: dip a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar, then paint it pills the network, and leave all night, then wash the skin the next day.
    • Egg whites: paint the skin with an egg, and leave it for an hour, and then wash the skin thoroughly.
    • Papaya: we jam love of the papaya well, and then put it on the face, leave it for half an hour, and then wash it.
    • Option: cut off the love of the cucumber into thin slices, then put it on the face, leave it for half an hour, and then wash the face with cold water.
    • Honey: paint the face with a spoon of honey, and leave for fifteen minutes, and then wash it with warm water.
    • Mango: mix mango juice with a little water, then paint the face, and leave for five minutes, then wash it.
    • The ring: put two cups of fenugreek seeds in a bowl full of water on medium heat, and leave it to boil, and then put the mixture on the affected area, and leave for fifteen minutes, then wash it.
    • Sugar: mix three teaspoons of sugar with two tablespoons of olive oil, then apply the mixture on the place of the infection, and leave for twenty minutes, and then wash it with warm water, and this recipe four times in the week.
    • Oatmeal: cook the oatmeal, then let it cool, and then apply it on face and leave for fifteen minutes, then wash it, and put a moisturizer appropriate to skin type.

    Tips to prevent acne:

    • Careful not to touch the face by hand; because it leads to the spread of bacteria, increasing acne.
    • A healthy diet full of dietary fiber.
    • Drink a lot of water.
    • Wash the face twice a day


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