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    A summary of the disease of allergies

    Is an acute case of hypersensitivity of Type I infect several organs in the body, and treatment and after exposure to the stimuli either by swallowing or contact with the surface of the skin or by injection, or via inhalation, in some cases, where it leads to an appropriate response be fatal often if not treated as soon as possible .

    The ratio of the One of the six people vulnerable in the in one of the stages of his life, and 1% of people who are infected and exposed to death because of the trauma that .

    Triggers the occurrence of the There are many things : including food such as peanuts, some types of fish, dairy products, eggs, and the sting of flies and insects, and latex, and some medications, especially penicillin . References

    Treatment of Disease  allergy

    Disease allergies Known allergy as a response of the immune system directly, and the response of common materials such as foods or pollen, the allergies manifest during any age of human life, and in truth a person more susceptible to developing allergies in case there is a family history of suffering from allergies, especially first-degree relatives, and may help environmental factors in the development of allergies.

    It is worth mentioning that many of the persons can get rid of allergies and to overcome them with the passage of time.

    Treatment of allergic diseases:

    Wearing a allergy treatment the type of disease, the following is a statement of the most important allergic diseases.

    Hay fever:

    When the diagnosis of hay fever ask a doctor about the medical history of the patient, and the doctor’s physical examination, may be asked to perform some tests such as prick test skin, and test the sensitivity of the blood, and in fact can cure hay fever through the following
    Medicines: among the most prominent drugs used in the treatment of hay fever that are used through the nose, or antihistamines, or a remover of friction (in English: Decongestant), or nasal sprays cromolyn sodium, or rates of line (in English: Leukotriene modifiers), or the nasal spray ipratropium (English: Ipratropium), or immunotherapy, which is the doses, allergies (in English: Allergy shots) It is injected regularly give, or allergy tablets which are used under the tongue.

    Lifestyle change:

    Is to avoid exposure to allergens as much as possible, including the pollen, or mold, or dust mites, or cockroaches, or pet dander.

    Alternative medicine:

    there are many alternative medicine treatments used in the treatment of hay fever, including leaf extracts pure(English: Butterbur), or spirulina.
    Sinusitis Know sinusitis that is the inflammation of the tissues that line the cavities adjacent to the nose, causing swelling may be responsible for trapping air and mucus, leading to pain, weakness, infection, and injury to bacterial, in many cases, can be treated this case as follows:


    such as antibiotics, or pain relievers such as Playboy (in English: Ibuprofen) alesiene or decongestants, or antihistamines, or doses allergic, or steroids (in English: Steroids) that are taken by mouth or inhaled steroids. Surgery: surgery is performed in cases where the patient from repeated sinus infection is acute, or in cases of sinus infection chronic.

    Home remedies:

    consists in using humidifiers and to moisten the room, or the implementation of the vapors, or using saline nasal, or drink a lot of fluids, and take a break. The Lord Conducted many tests to diagnose asthma and determine its rating, and considers the Prevention of the occurrence of seizures asthma control is the first step of treatment, in addition to avoiding the stimuli responsible for these attacks, and in fact can be the treatment of asthma as follows:

    Medicines: including the following: Drugs that are used long term, and often are used daily, such as a steroid inhaler such as budesonide fluticasone , or the rate of body tissues such as Montelukast (English: Montelukast) Stavelot (English: Zafirlukast), or agonists beta-2 receptors long-acting (in English: Long-acting beta 2 agonists) and a victory (LABA), such as sales (English: as Salmeterol) formation (in English: Formoterol), or the (in English: Theophylline). Drugs to control asthma attacks: which are used when the occurrence of asthma attacks, including agonists beta-2 receptors short-acting (in English: Short-acting beta 2 agonists) and a victory (SABA) such as albuterol (English: Albuterol), or medication ipratropium, or medications, corticosteroids, intravenous or taken by mouth.

    Allergy medications:

    doses like allergy or atoms (in English: Omalizumab). Change the pattern of life: is to avoid the allergens responsible for asthma attacks as much as possible, in addition to maintaining health weight.

    Alternative medicine: this includes the practice of breathing exercises, and the use of some of the treatments line, which contains Nigella sativa, choline, and caffeine. Eczema In fact, there’s no cure, heal eczema , (in English: Eczema), as it may vary with the passage of time, some people, while it may last a lifetime others, used a range of treatments with the aim of treating the affected skin, prevent exacerbation of symptoms, as follows:

    Home remedies:

    aim home remedies to support the health of the skin, relieve the symptoms, and in its principle to moisturize the skin, clean it, protect it from exposure to conditions that may affect them.

    Drugs: such as corticosteroids available on the form of an ointment, or cream, or taken by mouth, or by injection, antibiotics, and anti – viral, anti-fungal, anti-histamine, and inhibitors of case topical (in English: Topical calcineurin inhibitors).

    Photodynamic therapy: (in English: Phototherapy), and this method is used for the treatment of dermatitis of moderate intensity, and include the use of UV light. Urticaria It is considered a sign of two evils (in English: Urticaria) on whether the incidence of the condition acute or chronic, and in comes the statement that:

    Allergic acute urticaria: treatment depends on the use of antihistamines that do not cause drowsiness regularly for several weeks, examples of these drugs citizens (in English: Cetirizine) overspending (in English: Fexofenadine), and in cases where angioedema is required to see a specialist, because may cause difficulties in implementation, and in emergency situations that appear on the patient’s particular symptoms, such as difficulty in breathing, or swelling of the tongue or lips, it may require the use of an EpiPen automated (in English: Epi-pen) To control this situation.

    Allergic chronic urticaria:

    deliver a range of drugs to control allergic chronic urticaria, such as antibiotics, or Medicine area, can use the technique of acupuncture (English: Acupuncture) control this case.

    Anaphylactic shock Come anaphylactic shock (English: Anaphylaxis) by epinephrine. (in English: Epinephrine), which gives the dosage form (English: Shots) in the groin often, in cases where the injured person’s pre-trauma allergies, you should carry two doses of epinephrine. with him wherever he went, and in cases where the person from difficulty in breathing during an anaphylactic shock, puts the author of the medical tube down the mouth or nose to help him breathe, and may require a tracheotomy (in English: Tracheostomy) in some cases.


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